Cthulhu, Chris Nichols (3D)


Great job, Really nice sculpt! :slight_smile:


Great Character! Can’t wait to see the break downs.


fabulous ! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Great work! Love the colors and overall balance of the image.


Thanks so much Sanjay, I love your work and it was an inspiration to me when I was creating Cthulhu.


great piece man, congrats.


superb job Chris! congrats once again…


yea wow just love the overall final image!


Thankyou all so much. Im so happy to receive the cgchoice award.
for those interested heres a link to my Hi res image


Perfect job!Amazing piece


When I first seen no “rudimentary wings” I was kind of disappointed, but I have since warmed up to the idea and came to the conclusion that it probably would have taken away from the peice rather than added to it.
Can’t help but to think of how far H.P. Lovecraft’s jaw would drop if he had seen this image today.


Really cool!! like the Texture and shader.


congrats man!
m happy that you received the choice award!
very well deserved!
gud luck for ur future work!


great job !


Great, great work! Very nice Cthulhu concept too :thumbsup:

Love all the details and the render is awsome. Would love to see a rendersetup.

Many thanks for sharing and congrats for the top row.


wonderfull character, perfect execution


I really love this piece :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Great work, love the model!


incredible textures and great character,congratulations,i love this it.


Congrats for the award . I was sure it would make its way on the cgchoice gallery ^^