Cthulhu, Chris Nichols (3D)


Lovely work! The skin detail is terrific, and I love your take on the proportions. Tor Books just happens to be doing a Lovecraft-themed month on their web site and have an art thread for all sorts of artists (including some really well-known ones) to post their own interpretations of Cthulhu. You should post this there!


The render is great… The skin shader looks awesome…
Congratz man…


great work chris, really nice texture detail and the render is top quality


I really love everything about this picture, despite the fact I don’t usually like monsters …

Really, nothing to crit from here. Very funny and very well done ^^

Congrats :thumbsup:


Great pic Chris! Love the skin and those little barnacles on the rocks :o)


im lovin it :)!!!

especially the texture fine detail


Really nice

a dark soul in Providence must be very happy. HPL rulez!



awesome work chris! keep it up buddy


This is great
good job


Awesome awesome creature and an amazing render. =)
Great job man. I think this is your best piece yet! Love it.


Excellent work with the textures…good render too!!.



very cool. The pose isn’t really convincing me though. I might suggest a re-pose and re-render.


Very good textures.


oh yeah congratulation on the Toprow :thumbsup:


Wow thanks so much for the complements. Really appreciate them.

walrus: Thanks for the suggestion. Im a huge fan of cthulhu as well and i’ll definitely post my version up.
AlexCo: hahaha yeah i know, took some artistic license with my version. Wings just take up sooo much polycount.
So with this model I had around 3 and a half weeks to get something together for the Zbrush User event so I dug through some concepts and chose this guy. Initialy he was going to full scale size of a mountain but a foot high seemed a bit more realistic in the timeframe, also its a bit differnt from the rest of the designs of Cthulhu.
I’ll post some breakdowns later on.
Heres some screenshots from zbrush of the model.


Very nice work! I only wish the subsurface was a bit stronger, your render looks great anyways.




awesome!! whoohoo!!


Amazing work :slight_smile:


Nice poulp Chris!:smiley:


Lovecraft theme makes into 3D! Good, really good

And model looks cool to me