Crytek Unveils All-New CRYENGINE V and Community-Centered “Pay What You Want” Model


"As the 2016 Game Developers Conference gets underway, Crytek has announced the arrival of CRYENGINE V – the most accessible, powerful, and feature-filled version of their all-in-one development solution to date.

CRYENGINE V launches today with a “Pay What You Want” business model, offering developers everywhere total access to the engine’s feature-set and full engine source code for a fee of their choosing, and with no obligation to pay royalties or additional service charges. Users who decide to make a contribution for utilizing CRYENGINE V can allocate up to 70% of the sum to Crytek’s new Indie Development Fund – a grant program that will see Crytek directly supporting promising indie projects around the world.

The latest evolution of CRYENGINE also introduces CRYENGINE Marketplace. The Marketplace will enable developers to access individual assets from Crytek’s own library, as well as thousands of materials, sounds, and 3D objects created by the CRYENGINE community and other trusted vendors.

Crytek’sFounder, CEO & President, Cevat Yerli, said: “CRYENGINE V represents our commitment to not only offering developers today’s most advanced engine technology, but also to making it as accessible as possible. The arrival of CRYENGINE Marketplace, the revamped engine UI, and new support channels will make it easier than ever to tap into the power of CRYENGINE – at a price that feels comfortable for each and every individual. Community is at the heart of our Pay What You Want Model, which we hope will foster closer collaboration between us and developers as well as developers amongst themselves.”

In addition, CRYENGINE V brings expanded support for today’s leading Virtual Reality hardware. Crytek’s engine will now equip users to create stand-out VR experiences for PlayStation VR, OSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

CRYENGINE V also introduces:

[li]C# Enabled: A new APIthat allows developers who know C# to start scripting in CRYENGINE V right away.[/li][li]Reworked Low Overhead Renderer: Significantlyincreases the performance of today’s hardware in graphically intensive applications.[/li][li]DirectX 12 support: Utilize the latest branch of DirectX to take greater control of hardware resources.[/li][li]Advanced Volumetric Cloud System: Optimized for VR to give clouds full 3D spatial rendering for higher quality with minimal performance hit.[/li][li]New particle system: Createstunning real-time fluid effects, handled almost entirely on the GPU.[/li][li]A new launcher and UI: Navigate CRYENGINEmore intuitively thanks to a streamlined UI which includes realigned features and new icon groupings.[/li][li]FMOD Studio support: Allowing greater flexibility in audio middleware selection.[/li][li]CRYENGINE Answers: A dedicated channel where the CRYENGINE community can share questions and answers.[/li][/ul] To take a closer look at how developers are putting the power of CRYENGINE to work today, watch Crytek’s new developer showcase trailer on YouTube.

CRYENGINE V can be downloaded now at Stay up to date with Crytek’s latest news from GDC 2016 on Twitter, Facebook, and at"


I’m curious to see more. I saw some early tests from 2014. Neat that it was GPU based. But noisy and not very realistic looking…so whats it look like today?


Very interesting.
The first question that comes to mind is what the difference between it and lumberyard now?
And the second question I would like to ask is: is it easier to use than unreal?


Good god!!! There must be 15 different game engines on the market now :slight_smile:


Can you name the 15 game engines you mentioned?


i would say there are only 4 relevant engines…
unreal, unity, stingray and the cry engine in all its flavours…


Unity Engine
Unreal Engine
Amazon Lumberjack Engine
Source Engine
Shiva Engine
Torque Engine
Ogre 3d??
Spark Engine
Godot Engine

Silly me i can only think of 12 :cry:


I really don’t see the problem in having a lot of choices. It gives everyone a chance to pick what works for them.

If there were fewer options people would be complaining about a monopoly.

Is there some reason you don’t like having more options?


Umm where the heck do you see me complaining??? My response to all these new engines coming out was more of awe. All these cool new toys and yet i haven’t even scratched the surface of what i can do in unity and unreal. 24 hours in a day and i can only dedicated a mere fraction of my time to play around with the different variety of tools at my whim, trying to convince me to use them.


Ah! I see, my bad. It sounded like you were averse to the fact.

Well, if you pick up and get comfortable with one, it certainly makes it easier to jump between others! :smiley:



But what engine would be the most artist friendly in your opinion?
One that would be easy to pick up and requires no coding skills…

I have a few ideas i would like to try :smiley: out and im having a hard time choosing a engine to start learning.

Right now i have narrowed down to Unity and UDK and currently researching others posted here…

So whats your take on one that’s the easiest?


From what I know UE is best choice for artists as it include blueprints system that let you do a lot in the engine without any coding, and also it has top end quality of renders right now so artists can squize much more from it.


Thanks for confirming my thoughts keraj37 as after researched all the options that i know i have come to the same conclusion. Wil download it and start my learning process :keenly: