Crystal Lake, Gloria Gonzalez (2D)


Title: Crystal Lake
Name: Gloria Gonzalez
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Well this image started out as a speed painting exercise but i saw it had potential so decided to make it into a finished piece. Hope you guys like it.

Here is a closeup of the Boat House:


I like the landscape proportions of the piece, and it is very well done. Was this from a photo you took? I’m not sure if crystal lake is a good name for it, since it looks very grey in the trees and fuzzy from the fog (a little more contrast or sharpness on the edges of the lake would’ve helped). It doesn’t look like a bad lake, though. I bet when the sun strikes it surface it’ll look really lovely. I really like the hanging moss on the tree branches, and the warm glow of the sky. The dark trees really frame the shot well. Keep it up. Nice work.

thank you :)  i created this without a photo reference.  Just started painting the silhouette trees with different shades of gray/black.  some are all black with lowered opacity to capture the color from the sky in the back and to fake in some depth within all the tree shapes.  Then i though it would look cool if i added water in the front with the trees reflected on it.  From there i saw the image had potential to add more details to it, i liked how it was going and well painted in the boat house and boat.  I did use a photo of an old barn house as reference to get the wear down look of the house correct, since i didn't know what shades to use when painting it so it could look old.  the photo helped me a lot on choosing the colors.
well i always have a problem naming my pieces, hehehe i make them and then dont know what to name them.  While i was working on this one a co-worker of mine saw it and he said it reminded him of the lake from Friday the 13th.  All foggy and misterious, and when i finished painting the boat house he said i should definitly name it like that lake.  lake from the movie was 'Crystal Lake' so it stuck.   But i do see what you mean, with a name like that someone pictures a more livelier scene.
Thanks!  i had fun creating those.  Made a brush with squigled lines and then changed the brush mode to rotate randomly and change size with pen pressure.  and its just all black with lowered opacity to like 90ish.  Thank you for the comment and great suggestions.  if i have time ill create a happier sharper lake image :)

ohh, and sorry for writing so much, hehe i think i got carried away a little…


I Created a gif to explain my process:


I never watched Friday the 13th, so I didn’t get that reference. Ah well. I am impressed that there wasn’t a photo reference here. That’s a double compliment to you. The gif of your process is very cool. I wish I could do landscapes like that, but I’m more of a character/creature type. Don’t feel bad about talking a lot, I know how you feel. I’m glad to see such enthusiasm for your work. Great job.


Really like it. Looks like peace before nightmare. Great atmosphere.


linainverse23: hehe well im totally opposite, i wish i could do character/creatures. it takes me forever to get the proportions. well guess its all about practice… maybe someday. Thank you again for the nice comments :slight_smile:

redtiger910: thats exactly what my co-worker said when he saw me working on it, hehehe. Thank you for the comment.


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