Crysis fans create stunning screenshots


The screenshot examples below have been picked from various Crysis fan forums and were created in-game/in-engine using custom Time of Day (ToD) settings, textures, maps, mods and so on. But it’s mainly ToD tweaking in the Sandbox 2 world editor that comes with the game.

Rest of the gallery screens, and links to image sources, in the following link:


WOW! Some of those shots are amazingly photo real.


Very nice work indeed, at least I would struggle to recreate these even if I used a raytracer.



Thats all I have to say.


…and in the Sandbox editor you can paint massive animated forests and plants IN REAL TIME.
Those stills doesnt make a fair judgement compared to the live in-game experience.

Now if only all 3d program had this…


Kinda of makes you want to buy an expensive gaming PC, huh?


Great work.


It makes you want to kick 3D GFX developers apps…


very nice images.
The engine is really impressive!


I have always thought that realtime is the future of cg graphics where a small team can make a full fledged movie with minimal hit on resources , at least comparatively. Rendering is a pain in conventional 3d apps


… they would come with limitations.




[color=white]By the looks of the new 3ds Max 2010 viewport stuff, Autodesk and mental ray are finally heading in the right direction but they are still many miles away from “Crysis real-time renders”[/color]


I’ve always wanted a game engine like the CryEngine or Unreal 3 as an option to render to in my 3d apps. For my personal needs, I would be willing to trade the limitations of those engines for the speed at which they could render. It would be handy for some fun projects I have in mind.

I have no idea what would be involved in making that work, of course.


I’ve seen FAR better Crysis screenshots even than those ones.


do you have a link?


The bottom right is incredible.


I was going to say, the bottom right one is amazing. I also loved the leaf litter in the 2nd one. I think my 1 year old comp can play this . . . must . . . save . . . money . . . during global economic crysis :wink:


If someone could license and turn the game engine + sandbox editor into a DCC app that would make the OGL workstation cards kinda unnecessary, they can make millions.


I guess the folks at Mental Images will have to watch their backs with Crytek and others bringing near-photoreal real-time rendering on the new massively powerful GPU’s. Or you have Autodesk and others just bring photoreal real-time rendering and you can just use a screenshot button for artistic creation instead of a render button.


Maybe its just a matter of time for before (game type) engines corner some markets out of sheer practicality. A good foundation of Physics has made inroads and the focus on GPU processes is always increasing in gaming and 3D apps. I remember reading that at least one company used the Crysis in a non game related business. Considering the state of PC Gaming - Much sooner rather than later.