Crysis box art revealed!


Looking mighty awesome!! :buttrock:

More info:

Hi-res download: (with and without GFW logo)


Wow…thats really cool, wish i could model like that. It will probably run like poo on my 24" intel imac : (


fairly typical, no?
but probably captures the game experience perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:


Um… It looks nice, but it’s fairly typical box art… Not really anything to get excited about?


:bounce::bounce:can’t wait for this one !


I don’t think it looks “typical” at all, i love the over the shoulder Don’t fook with me glance.


I really wouldn’t have wanted to have skinned that model…



damn thats err rubbish… when you think about it… crysis is kinda like the sequal to farcry and that was lush islands with trees, sun, sand, water etc… and this barely shows any of the environment… who cares about seeing the body suit of the character crysis is about the enviroments!. stupid EA this game now reminds me of that other rubbish game they put out called battlefield 2142… no wonder a lot of people still play battlefield 2.


I thought that Farcry 2 was the sequel to Farcry? Crysis is a new franchise altogether…although I could be wrong. :shrug:

This looks cool, although I agree fairly generic. Granted, what else can you expect from box art? Looking forward to this game!


Pretty cool if you ask me. Who did the cover art?



It’s just a box art. Look at this Farcry one, not that much different, I certainly don’t see much of the environment.


from wikipedia: Far Cry 2 is also not related to Crytek’s upcoming game Crysis as both games are set in different universes.


I imagine they didn’t show a jungle because they don’t want it to get confused for anything Far Cry related. Ubisoft owns the Far Cry license now where EA is publishing Crysis.


oh i see… hmm why don’t EA do something good like reinvent the classis urban/jungle/desert strike series… i might like them more if they did that instead of buying other companies and spewing out endless sequals each year… which is ok, but they would be nice to see them actually bring something new that isn’t from another development studio


I think it looks way better then the farcry one :shrug:


crysis isnt a sequel…


EA and Windows in the same bed already, theres one title for the trash can.


the uninformed speak


Heh, when developers release their games for the PC, what OS do you think they developed their games for? :smiley:


It does suck that Crysis is being published as Games for Windows, but eh, what can you do. I’m sure the singleplayer will rock, and hopefully by the time it’s out they’ll have made GFW Live at least halfway decent.