Cruise ship Solstice Cut-away, Boris Martinek (3D)


Title: Cruise ship Solstice Cut-away
Name: Boris Martinek
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This render was created by me and my crew for Celebrity Cruises for marketing purposes. Ship name is Celebrity Solstice.

It took a while to complete. It is completely 3D. Series of renderings were done first and then assembled in Photoshop. It’s original size is 4 meters wide at 300dpi. So on a printout we are able to see even spoons and forks on tables.

I hope you like it and I’ll try to post closer views of some parts to illustrate a level of details.


thats quite a project, makes me want to take a cruise on it so i guess its successful!


how big of a file size is the original?


Nicely done. A few close-ups or a larger version would be great to see! How many people in the team?


Really impressive,

would like to see the 4 meter version of it.


Me too!! Quite an amount of work but the result is superb. Congratulations!

Edit : Hadn’t you already posted just the part with the elevator ?


Yes I did poste a closer view of the atrium part before. And I can not show you a 4 meters version because this forum allows only 1600pixels at max. Thus I’d be able to show only a couple of armchairs. Nothing exciting :slight_smile:


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