Hello, here’s my concept. CRR is a full-hybrid electric subcompact car with two seats designed for young people.


This is really great work, and stylistically spot on. Good job :thumbsup:


I think this image is rendered beautifully. The stylized people work well and don’t draw attention away from the vehicle. The green sky seems an unusual choice but looks great and makes it feel a little alien and unfamiliar as I might expect from a glimpse at the future. My one critique is the orange of the car is the same as the trees. I’m sure this was intentional and may draw elements of the image together but I wonder if another color would have worked better. That is a small critique and shouldn’t overshadow the fact that I think the image is simply beautiful. Great job.

What did you use for programs?


Finally something that bangs me in the head saying “I’m like Mead! See ?”…


Woot! Yes this one has to be the most “In Style” one so far. Great Job!


definitely one of my favorite entry!!! :wink: you really capture the Syd Mead style…


Looks great. I like the front part of vehicle somehow duck’s like nib.


thats just incredible, not only have you designed a main vehicle but you have supporting designs in there aswell. my new favourite…congratulations on a top notch job!!.



This looks great! Love the style, colours, composition.

This piece defo has a Syd Mead feel to it as it sells the lifestyle, ambience etc as well as the design of the vehicle.

Good work!


OK now it’s getting interesting!!! excellent expressive and fresh piece. The design is cool, reminds me the 80’s french car design (Renault). About composition, it is great, simple and “punchy” I would use the orange in the car at the trees leaves and the last one at the car paint (lighten/whiten the leaves and saturated the car paint). Anyway I couldn’t do that impressive work. Yours is my favorite with “big red”. :buttrock:
Working hard to be at your level…
PS: great portfolio!


Great piece of work, love the design of the car and the overall scene has nice ambiance. One thing puzzles me a little and that is the functioning of the rear wheels of the vehicle, they are clearly some kind of unconventional system but I would love to hear some kind of explanation on how it is propelled…

Also I would agree that the orange colour could be differentiated from the background trees a little but it’s a minor gripe.

Great work!

PS I am curious what was used to render the scene as well…


Wow man, this is great.
I’m loving the reflections on the cars. As well as the trees. Overall composition is very good.
Excellent Stuff


I like this one. Its got it.


Nice work! Design looks retro-style… and good use of colors… this is a job well done. Even the backdrop is impressive, and I love those 02 characters standing beside… makes it feel more Believable…

Keep it up!


Thanks guys, this piece was fully painted in photoshop, byt first I have sketched some forms on drawingboard, here’s two that I have chosen from developing process

There was so many other sketches, but decided to work with this one. Fianlly I gave’em little more rapid look.


The best so far. I loved the colors. Very “Meady”. Nice job!


Well, looks just like Sydney’s artwork, but made with some new techniques. Awesome.

The main car’s design reminds me a little of Alfa Romeo TZ.

And those orange autumnal trees fits perfectly to this green sky, imo, great work, again.

I love it!


This is still my favourite so far. great work.


love this one, so stylish


I like this very much! A great vehicle design, the signature chrome effects and an environment all in keeping with the Syd Mead style. Very impressive!