Crows WIP


here is a pic of two crows i am working on.
I am stalled at the moment however as I started this project in Painter Classic and to save it with all of it’s 2 layers intact I need to save it as a RIFF but Photoshop can’t open the riff. I want to add effects to the pic such as blur that I can’t do in Painter Classic.
So I have to wait until I get Painter 8 which should HOPEFULLY be arriving in the mail this week. Any crits would be welcome, I am sure I have more work to do with the feathers and all and the proportions are not quite right but in that case it’s okay as I am not going for an exact copy.

I got a card this summer that has a picture of these crows on it. I scanned the card and everytime I tried to paste it using a URL it came out super huge so I put it as an attachment. Luckily I have the original card which has much better quality.


couldn’t you save it as a tiff from painter classic? I believe that exports as layers. Or if not, maybe Targa (TGA)



Nope does not work. I tried it. Painter Classic would not let me save anything as a TGA…I am not sure how to do that if there is any other way.

Also for the record I have decided to screw the blurryness in the background. From this point on I will probably only work from my imagination rather then the pic since I don’t want it to be an exact copy anyways.


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