Crono Viper


Hi there, here’s my entry for this mind-blowing competition. Even though I started early I got the idea what Syd is really about only before the deadline. Thats a bit desperate to me. :slight_smile: But it was really interesting what I was going to overcome.
So a few words about the background story:
At the end of 2088 it was the previous generation super high velocity dual electro-turbine based circular drag race vehicle - Crono Viper Type - B. But due to it’s age it was replaced with a new Type - E Vipers. And B were only used for illegal drag racing at the dry districts on earth.
Good luck!


very nice love the colours and texture on this one


You really captured the theme of this contest. Awesome work.


it s very nice but i would like to post to. do u know what i have to do to be able to post?


madone01 -> It’s great you like it! Thanks!

Ja-Seen -> Well to me it doesn’t seems too much, but your notice really brings my mood back! Cheers!

bufteanul -> Thanks! Well there should be a “submit your entry” button in the main page.


very intresting vehicle design :thumbsup:


Neat, nice work!


Love the design of the thing and presentation is very nice. One can almost feel the raw power of the machine.


Maxts -> Awesome! Its cool you like it.

Miha9 -> Thank you!

Fenring -> Woa, that’s cool mate. Thanks!


Fantastic work, Arnoldas ! I Love it.

Cheers, Bert.


CONGRATULATIONS my friends,hopes this competition helps you in future,with a little jealous.;).
What we see in this competition is that all the views of the members are wrong.
Now look at all the prize winned threads will get a lot comments.
congrats for all participance.will see in another competition…ok…:cry:


The award has found his hero! Congratulations, you deserve it! Excellent work! :beer:


congratulations! First price is well deserved!


Thank you guys! To me it’s more than HONOR, it’s far more than AMAZING, and it’s far more than SPECTACULAR to be chosen as a winner. Especially with such a judge panel. And it’s ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE that Master SYD MEAD himself had commented the work, with such a level of artwork shown in the competition, I thought I was forbidden even dream about such an honor. Also I’d like to congratulate winners and everyone who participated, You guys did an Amazing AMAZING JOB! I’m curious to see the top 100 list (if anyone will show). I’m also glad that this competition gave me one more piece for my upcoming portfolio.

Thanks to all who gave me feedback and kind words. So keep up guys! :thumbsup:

Arnoldas Vitkus


Congratulations ! Impressive artwork !

We are featuring your outcome at portal as well. :slight_smile:

My best wishes,



Though I would not have predicted this to win against a couple of other contenders, I would like to say that this was on my top 12 favorite entries list. :thumbsup:


Quadart -> Thanks! Well, I think this was a surprise not only for you, but for me and many others as well. Looks like there were other kinds of criteria than we all thought, something deep and unexplainable… something more than meets the eye… :curious:



Hey Arnold, congrats on your luck! I presume you’ve read the FAQ and know what I question. I hope you don’t take the results of my inquisitive nature as a personal attack.
Your piece is extremely well done, but all in all, I should be congratulating you here on fooling me into thinking it was done by Syd, which is not the case and I believe the judges hold the answers to some decisions.
Peace brother, keep up the great stuff! Maybe you could share more of your works in your gallery ?


davek1979 -> Yes I read it and no I didn’t take it personally, everything is cool. I think you have somehow misunderstanded the whole idea of this contest. I think the matter in this competition was that we had try to create something futuristic by our own rather than mimic Syd completely, I insist that ‘in style of’ shouldn’t be comprehend straightly like ‘do like he would do’, there was a factor of the artist himself while maintaining Syd’s nature, I mean Syd is not all about cool looking chrome effect or those retro-futuristic car designs or the technique itself, it was about the overall concept and perception of the future. Maybe this was a test to see how we interpret and understand Syd. Maybe I’m incorrect but anyway thats my own opinion.

Well my portfolio is still in progress, but soon I’ll show it on my gallery. ( While I’m still a student I try make it at the highest quality I am able to :arteest: :slight_smile: ).

Keep it up bro and good luck at your projects! :thumbsup:


Hehe honestly I do think I understood the competition in the same way the authors of the most discussed artworks did - as an emulation of his style, as much as it takes. Maybe to understand it, you might want to have a look at the previous NVArt-Surreal. Another “in the style of” competition. ALL of the winning pieces are easily mistaken for Yerka works. Me and other guys really can’t see a STRIKING resemblance of most NVArt5 winning pieces to Syd’s works.
The way you understood this was something I believed in also and if you check the 4th-5th page of the FAQ forum, I had the same perception back in April and I was corrected in my thinking.
I’m sure you understand our point now.