Croko: The Beginning of a Great Adventure (3d game android/iOS)



We are a young team who is creating their first game for children on Unity engine. The graphics as well as the whole idea of the game are designed with children’s sensibility and the aesthetics of their world in mind. That is why there will be plenty of lovable characters, beautiful graphics and quiet amusement, which will develop their sensibility.
Intro, enviro and the characters we present have all been created on Blender and Cycles Render Engine.

Soon we will present you a working demo version of our game on Indiegogo.

Promo Video:;hd=1

Character assets:;hd=1


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Blue Yeti


First, let me say I like the apparent quality of the work. however, I hope you don’t mind if I offer an opinion on the character appearance that you might find useful.

The eyes on all of those characters all appear to me to be "zoning out,"stunned, or afraid. It might be the lack of eyebrows, or the size of the iris/pupil, or the amount of white in the eyes, or a combination of all of these. I can’t pin it down. The mouse/rat one especially looks as though it’s been hypnotized.

If I had to guess, it’s the amount of white in the eyes which is creating that effect, perhaps increasing the iris/pupil size would make them look calmer, warmer, and younger.

They don’t blink at all in the video, which, added to the gaze, gave a bit of an unsettling feel to it.

I guess the eyes may be appropriate if the intent is to show that they are absolutely terrified of the obstacles they are facing, and are all nervously waiting for something to go wrong at all times, but I suspect that this would have more “power” to it if that was a state they went into during a damage/injury/death scene, or at the introduction to a challenge, rather than their constant state.

Again, I like what you’ve got here, but softening the eyes a bit, perhaps even adding playfulness to the eyes, might make the game more visually appealing to a younger audience.


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