Croc, Melissa Hoesen (3D)


Title: Croc
Name: Melissa Hoesen
Country: Usa
Software: 3ds Max

the concept for this characer was done by natalie pomory. i created the model, textured and posed it


these are very weak poses, and I think a better rendering and opengl would show the character off much more than this.


how would you get a render with opengl. iv never done that before?


im not too sure what he’s talking about either…but you might wanna give your character a more traditional pose so you can show off his armor…the texturing doesn’t seem too bad but you might wanna re-think your models proportions especially in the hands and arms. It also looks like his left arm is broken on your upper right model. its a good start, but you just have to fix some proportion issues on your model. other than that it looks goos to me:deal:


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