crits please:)


hello everyone.
yep ive doing an acting animation on the dialogue from nacho libre. anyways im now trying to be more active and trying to practice a bit more with my animations. so please take a look and tell me what you think. thanks lots!:slight_smile:



heres another shot with some facial animation now.

crits please!:slight_smile:


Well it looks like you have pretty good timing on your animation so far, but when he says “stretchy pants” he seems kind of over exaggerated. Your animation has a nice flow to it other than that, keep it up :slight_smile:

oh, and if possible you should try and post your work as a quicktime .mov somewhere, that way we can scroll through it frame by frame.


thanx man. ill think about the stretchy pants a bit more… see if i can make it all work better. anyways here are some more work in progress. it actually already complete in a way. all it needs now is some polishing. so if u guys spot anything else let me know. thanx.

by the way its all the same with different camera views


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