Critiques for my Demo Reel


Hey Folks,

I am attending the Centre for Arts and Technology, Halifax campus - taking the 3D Game Animation course which consists of 8 semesters (2 years). Linked below is my 7th semester demo reel. I do not have any previous experience or education in the entertainment industry.

The 8th semester is like a giant lab (with the exception of a few classes) which we use to work on our reel for 3 months. I’m looking for critiques on my current reel to better my work so that I can have the best reel possible for graduation! :slight_smile:

My reel and blog:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any and all comments!



I think they prefer that you post reels in “finished animation” forum

Anyways, here’s some pointers:

  1. I wouldn’t linger on any piece for very long – for a student reel, I recommend only including about a minute’s worth of your absolute best work. In this field, a couple of really great morsels are better than a whole meal of mediocrity.

  2. Your presentation could use some work – I’d spend some time learning about three-point-lighting setups, and watch a few other reels of artists that you admire

  3. If this is something you show potential employers, you can un-fancify your name-card. Just name and contact info, please.

  4. I’d recommend having a three-quarter-top view of the Zonda – from the side, it’s less appealing. Try to get a camera angle that matches where a person standing would see it from.

  5. The animations (lip-synch especially) are probably the weakest part of the reel. I’m not an animator, so I wouldn’t want to suggest how to fix it, but I recommend working on that area, if that’s something you want to do for a living.

  6. Generalists in the game industry (the big players, anyways) typically model and texture, which includes sculpting and normal mapping, neither of which are included in this reel. If you are interested in being in the games industry, then I recommend showing some material as it would look in a game engine


Thanks for the pointers!
This is just my Generalist reel, but I intend to cut it down. I have modeling/texturing reel too. The lip synch’s aren’t complete, especially the one with the Morpheus rigs. Would you have any other tips about things other than animation?

I don’t aim for the game industry as much as film/commercial, but who knows where I’ll end up!

Thanks again, appreciate it! :slight_smile:



Overall, I’d just say focus on polishing your presentation (not shiny graphics, but lighting and rendering that emphasizes your models better) and stripping out whatever you feel is weakest. A really strong 45-second reel is better than the same reel with another 45-seconds of mediocre work added to it.

One other thing, in films, animators are their own special category, and even generalists wouldn’t be expected (allowed?) to do character animation. So, you can be an animator, a specialist in another field, or you can be a combination of other things that aren’t animation… Usually generalists also have a significant focus in one area over any other. Me, I’m a lighting artist who happens to know enough about modeling and texturing to do those when I’m needed. Just something to be aware of.


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