critique this model


Please critique this model. I will be texturing the hair and tail.


Thats about perfect…I just can’t see anything wrong with it. Awesome!


Awesome modelling job, first of all.


  • Not sure which, but I feel like either the head is too small for the body, or the neck is too short.

  • legs look a little skinny for that massive body

  • front “haunches”? stick out too far in front from side view and 3/4 view.

  • butt seems a bit wide.

To be fair, I haven’t looked at a horse pic in a while, but these things seem to catch my eye.

Awesome detail, tho.


It looks good. Z brush? Any how, i like the horse other than the tail and a few small points. As far as good references for working with horses is the classic of the 1700, the “Anatomy of the Horse” by George Stubbs. It has never been out of print and it’s sold at amost every good art shop I’ve ever been to. I was truely a revolutionary book; the first scientific study of horse anatomy for artists. Just compare Stubbs’ paintings to those paintings with horses of a hundred years before. A great book that every artist should own.


This is just an issue from a pose point of view. The horse looks like he/she is leaning too much forward.


thanks for the critiques here’s an update


Here is an update with hair


What program are u using ??

I’m curiour to see the mesh


are you kidding me?!

its is obviously zbrush

i wouldnt scuplt the hair, because it looks bad

try to remove the circle like pattern over the main part of the horse

smooth it out some, and add hair that will look real with some other program


Good tks I never used Zbrush but i really dont’ like it :stuck_out_tongue: no really works to do at all I think mabe i should try it just to know how it’s working… is it like Poser ???


Yea, the hair doesn’t look right. It should look a lot smoother than that.


Man, I just don’t understand people like you. You say that you don’t like something, but completely have no idea about it. Well, what’s my point. There’s a difference between not knowing, and not liking.

ZBrush is not like a poser. ZBrush uses pixols, which are pixels with additional depth channel. It simply means that you can operate on a very complicated models without significant loss of speed. ZBrush, as the name suggests, is using brushes to paint on a model (or canvas). You can paint texture maps directly on a model, you can adjust the geometry and also draw (the most liked) displacement maps. Everything in real-time. I suggest visiting and downloading sample videos. Those will show you what can be done by using ZBrush. You can also model with ZBrush, but I prefer doing the modelling in other software, than importing the model to ZBrush.


your horse for the most part looks good. i don’t know much about horses, but the eyes appear to be huge. also, your horse is rather fat out to the sides, (it’s stomach comes out farther than it’s haunches) but it’s stomach does not hang down low. i would either makethe haunches a bit bigger and tone down the fattiness to make it look a bit more noble, and majestic, or make it fatter all around.


I work around horses with my uncle every couple of weaks and I have to say… even without textures or being rendered, this has to be the most realistic looking model of a horse I have ever seen! Don’t change a thing. The head is perfect in shape and detail and proportion to the body. what people say about your model’s skinny legs is not true. look at a real horse. their legs are tiny compared to their bodies. another thing, the muscles on the forward legs are perfect and I don’t know how much time you spent on this. My guess is that this project definitely left the Mrs feeling lonely. lol

good luck and i hope you post the final render.


thank you for your comments

yes I used ZBrush

Ifx3d - Can you describe where you see a circle like pattern?


Here is an update please critique


As far as the legs go, the general shape is right, but they do look ‘weak.’ Horses have very prominent joints, and if you look at their legs (esp from the front) the knee and ankle joints are wider than most of the leg (which is mostly tendon, not large muscle). And with a horse with shoulders as powerful as yours, you need a thicker upper front leg, from shoulder to knee. The shape resembles a human forearm a lot.

The hooves are shaped a little oddly also, they seem short.

Other than that, great job!

Here’s a pic, horse pictures are easy to find on the internet, just search stock photo sites.


Hmm I think your model looks generally good, but there seems to be some general propotion prob with the neck? Shouldn’t it be a slight bit longer (higher) I don’t know what specific type of horse you are trying to create, but I know that an Arabian or Quarter horse would have a slightly longer neck… Other than that, your model looks v. nice… nice musculature.



Avmics…It’s a very good start, but here’s a couple of things that I noticed.
Having been around horses for roughly 30 years, I’ve learned quite a bit about horse anatomy

I hope this helps… :slight_smile:

  1. Make the neck thinner…it’s disproportionate to the head.
  2. The ears are too small in relation to the head.
  3. The muzzle of the horse is too wide, thin it down just a little bit
  4. The eyes are way too big.
  5. There is no discernable chest muscle, it needs to be more defined.
  6. The inside of the rear legs is called the stifle, its too flat. Round them out a little bit
  7. Move all 4 legs out some, the center of gravity is too great and they wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the animal.
  8. The mid-section, or barrel of the animal is too long…shorten him up a little bit
  9. The knees on the front legs are the wrong shape, they need to be oval and bony.
  10. You need to re-work the hooves. There is a definate shape to the hooves. Plus, they’re too small for the mass of the horse.
  11. The horse’s rump is too flat, round it out also.
  12. Looks like the knee joints are facing the wrong direction…it looks as if they would bend to the front rather than to the back. Think of a knee joint on a human.

I hope that I didn’t upset you too much, but that’s just things that I noticed right away. :thumbsup:
Other than that, it looks very good, and I’d like to see some more progress pics in the future.



excellent comments