Critique Plz - Sorcha's Gift - 2D


had hoped to get some critiques on this while I was painting it but not many people responded, so I finished it for now.Finished product: would love some honest critiques especially with painting style, lighting, color and composition.


I can’t really say much but forget I said anything about a green light source your painting is absolutely incredible! My drawing, doodles and canoodles are no where ner your standard! I’m just inspired by your art.

MrMojoRisin :applause:


Would love to hear something back on this from you guys here at cgsociety. :frowning:

I changed the hands and fixed the hair… and minor things.


Very nice overall. You’ve captured the mood very well.

The area where the clavicle ties into the shoulder looks a little flat.


Fixed some more things…

I want the hands to be realistic with the lighting and stuff but still fit… and I’m finding it difficult…


Very beautiful!

My feedback would be to change the overalll lightning, make the light from the hands more stand out and keep the oposite side of her hands in the dark. The source light is in the hands of the girl, right? No other side light nor front light is supposed to light the scene. If that’s your intention, consider it similar to photography. When you take a picture of your palm and there will be sun in the view, the palm will look like a black siluet. This picture is similar, the sun is in her hands, so the back of the hands should be very dark with some overglow on the sides of the palms. And maybe some streaks of light coming through the fingers that are not so tightly put together, as an interesting detail. Check the picture of the wizard I took from google search just to ilustrate what I mean. The wizard’s hands that are not facing/touching the sphere are much darker.

However, that is when you are going for real visualization of the scene. But that doesn’t need to be the case with you. Sometimes different, non-realistic, but still interesting view of the scene is even better.

Just my 2 cents.


I originally had the hands dark under the light, but because the light is so bright, and because its so close to her hands I was informed that I needed to have something like this effect.

I assume it has to do with the strength of the light. However I did not use quite as red and saturated tones because it messes with the color scheme. I opted for more light seeping through the cracks to lessen it. I don’t know if it was convincing.


Very nicely pictured here. The truth is your light is coming more around the palms out into observer’s eyes. The palms aremore open. So it could be even little blinding and mess with the colors anyway. So yes, I think it actually is done well. Maybe a bit more contrast between the hands and lit body and their background could even impove it. But overall really nice.
What did you use to create it?


I like the whole atmosphere there.
It kind of reminds me of the virgin Mary (the color of her clothes and her hair’s shape)


Right I agree that the effect is lessened because more of my light is showing. I still think I need to tweak it more. All I’ve done to create this effect is a normal round paintbrush with some opacity settings. I do everything in b/w first and then layer the colors on using different layer modes. I’m still new at painting and watched a lot of artists do this, so I thought I’d try it this way.

Thanks Adohn. I can see what you are saying. I guess I accomplished my “pure” mood then! :slight_smile:


I commented in your other thread, but now that you have carried the image further, you can ignore some of the comments in that thread. For future reference, don’t post multiple threads for the same WIP–it only makes it confusing for people commenting. Just keep posting in the same thread. I sometimes get a bit busy but I try to do as many critiques as I can and as often as I can, and I will eventually get to your thread.

While the reddish cast of the subsurface scattering through the skin/flesh might not be what you wanted in your color palette, it’s what happens in reality–it’s just part of the laws of the physical world. So it becomes a matter of authenticity vs. artistic license, and its not always an easy decision. I think at the very least, even if you don’t want the red in your image, you should still give the back-lit fingers darker values because they are in fact, back-lit, and only the rims of the fingers are receiving enough light.

The vertical strip of highlight on her neck doesn’t feel right–it doesn’t seem to conform to the anatomical structure of her neck.


Thank you for your reply. I agree about the vertical strip will fix.

Now would your thoughts on the hands be changed if the power (the orb) was coming from her hands? Her hands are glowing as they are what draws the energy/light into that orb form. Or would you say in order to show this to a group of people would they need to glow more?


If her hands are what’s glowing, then render her hands the same way you would a light source. If you want the glow to appear “around her hands” instead of her hands being the light source, then you’d render it like the hands are lit by light sources placed all around the hands (360 degrees).


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