Critique please


I´m trying to achieve something between comic and painterly style, but all your advices and crits are so welcome.


This looks excellent Androsm! *I lovethe colors you used. *The only thing I notice is that the glowing lasso reflection on the figure doesnt quite look right. *I think it would look better if the reflected light was blurred using the airbrush. Also the shadow on the left leg looks too sharp and may be mistaken as a blue sock. *Awesome work!


If you are going for a painterly style, you need to think about how you are approaching your brushwork specifically at areas of value shifts/transitions, as that’s typically where you can create a more painterly look. Using textured brushes on large flat areas helps too, but you really need to pay attention to your brushwork when painting value transitions, such as using bristle marks or textured brushes more prominently.*

The lighting doesn’t seem optimal, since you’ve got most of her in dark silhouette and not really showing the forms clearly. That can work in some situations, but in this case, obscuring her forms don’t seem to make the image better.