critique male and female models


please critique these male and female models


You should really read some books about anatomy. The male body is not that bad but the faces really look weird, especially the female one.


my opinion is that the ears it needs to an adjustment but by the rest you this being left a good model:thumbsup:


The female head is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.
The male body looks pretty promising though.


If they’re supposed to be human, there are way too many bumps on the heads. If a race from a Star Trek episode, then pretty good.

With the ears, it looks like the back of them goes straight into the head, whereas it should be more like a flap (can’t think of the right way to describe it).

All the bumps and so forth on the model is pretty impressive. You did a lot of work there.


agree with the others, the face looks too… unsmoothly sclupted (sounds better? ^^)


Always the same advice I have, it seems. Get yourself some more reference, especially for the faces… the body also feels a bit weird… a bit over-defined in some areas.



I also find that the woman has a odd head


Thanks for the excellent comments guys here are some updates I will be smoothing the wrinkles and bumps.


Did you model this using a 3d scanner of any kind? I can se some strange “scan” lines on the male chest just below the nipple
. And the fact that the back of the ear has not been modeled is a bit strange. Interesting style though.


I use ZBrush, the creases you see are result of sections of the model that have increased resolution. Do you have any suggestions re how to fix this.


hi—i think i have them seen at zbc too … you do have a good start, but imho you did way too early detailing. try first concentrate on getting the basic forms and proportions right, just one example : the ear has top on equal height of eyebrows, and botton on equal as bottom of nose for most people … these “rules” applied make your character believable before you add any detail… there are many references on these, one of my favourites is loomis books.

since you work with zbrush, try set up zsheres for body and then try model in low resoution so that basic frm is right. then subdivide, and moldel more…

edit : increase the subdivision for display then the creases should disappear. or subdivide model further if polycount is not an issue


thanks for your commnets please critique the female model


Here are the updates


well i like the proportions on the male body, look pretty neat. I guess the only problem i had personally was the whole body seemed to be a bit bumpy, i mean there needs to be more specific muscle and bone (like the knees…) definition. and the female neck is too long. And you might wanna double check the proportions on the thigh and calves of the guy.

Dont go in for details so soon, mass out every part then go in for wrinkles and other details not saying that they aren’t as important but the thing is if you put in lot of detail in the beginning, what happenes is that you wouldn’t want to make any major changes to it that might make the existing details kinda… weird.
Well keep up the good work, would love to see the final product!!!



It looks like you got pretty much the muscle setup pretty good. I can see them, and they seem to be in the right spots, although the back looks awkward. I think its only like that if you really flex.

The big problem is that everything looks so werid. All the mucles look like clay that you threw on and then pushed your finger around to make it stick to the body. The ears im sure are way too small.

I suggest you uninstall Zbrush and go use Maya, 3DMax, XSI or some real modelling program.
I don’t think Zbrush is a good program to learn modelling with. The topology is probably really really messy and has got to be like some insane ploy count.

I think Zbrush is only good for making bump / displacement maps. I haven’t tried it myself yet though so I dont know much about it.

Not to be mean or anything but when I saw the girls face it sent shivers down my spine


Please critique these updates


thanks for your critiques here’s an update


I was wondering what software you use, your meshes look really dense which might make it hard to make adjustments without making something adjacent go wonky. However there seems to be evidence of much toil, so keep going. Can’t wait for the updated version.


mogla> Zbrush