Critique for university work


For my module at university I have chosen to model a few different assets from modelling through to rendering.

Here is a Colt Python 357 Magnum i have taken through the pipeline, and i feel that it is at a decent level currently, but i would appreciate any feedback on what i could do to improve this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Looks really good! :slight_smile:


overall the model looks good. I tihink for improvement it is the gun barrel, cylinder, trigger have kind of zinc plated feel to it. Might be the lighting wich could be worked on more.
I do not know if guns have some sort of plated coating on bare metal. The way it is positioned is not good in my opinion, the gun hovers at front, this does not look real. Try to get it laying on the surface. And like i said, maybe go into the light setup for more work. Lights can make or break your model.


Overall I’d say the model looks good but the shading can use some work. I understand why you put all those scratches there but it’s not realistic to have a uniform amount of scratches everywhere.
Scratches occur where there is wear and on a revolver that would be on the trigger, on the cylinder itself, the hammer and on the button to open the cylinder.

Here is a very good reference link:

I realise you want more wear and that is fine, but make sure you put it in the correct location which will greatly add to the realism.

Cobra 6


Thanks for the feedback, this solidifies what my lecturers said to me just after i posted this.

I’ll try and make the textures seem more realistic and similar to the wear a weapon would normally pick up.

Thanks for the reference images too, I’ll post up here again when I’ve changed these aspects


Hey thanks for the feedback, sorry it took a while, been doing it amongst my other work.

I have adjusted the textures according to the points you mentioned, and i feel that overall it is a much higher quality.
I’ve also adjusted the lighting rig to get better highlights and a much improved overall look.

Any more points you would suggest i improve upon?


looks better, but get the light erea larger. The gun’s grip should come more in the light, to far back in the shadow or drop off from the light.
You are presenting the complete gun, therefore the whole gets into the picture, if you know what i mean. A tad more intensity to lighting as well.
Take a look at your render size. It may have more height, so there is a bit more room above and under the object.


Alright, ill make some changes to it then, i was trying to go for an overall moody render, so i added a vignette and some other adjustments, but i was planning on doing some other renders to present the gun and its different aspects.


Also, render a few more angles because it’s hard to judge from just one picture :slight_smile:



Rifling is way off. You’d see something only that pronounced in a tank gun barrel.