Critique Captain Marvel/Shazam


Okay this is my starting point with the World’s Mightest Mortal: Captain marvel mistakely known as Shazam! Critques are welcome. Yep I see the strip on his thumb. Will fix.


Oh really like looks absolutely great only thing i can see is that his right hand seems maybe a touch too small, but its a negligable point. Get him rigged, it’ll be great.


hey looking good.
I think you may need to play with the porportions a bit. in order to get more heroic and athletic.
his arms are a bit short. the elbo should be at the bottom of the rib cage.
Try lenthening the shins as well, this will help give him a better sillouette when in action.
just lenthen them fom below the cuffs in the boots. I like the distance between the boots anf the knees.
also in the face he has go a lot of forehead and space between the eyes and brow. this gives him a childlike look that may play against the manly character.

just thoughts. cool!

BTW I sent you an e_mail


okay I made changes according to your critiques?
The Brow was driving me crazy becaus ei use the boy (his alter ego: Billy batson) face as the mesh to start from. AllI did is move the brow down like you suggested and he looks older – better.

Thank you.


looks really great! I love his mini-cape :smiley:

being really picky, the only thing I noticed is that the lightning bolt on his chest looks kinda “stuck on”, not really part of the fabric of the costume, but the front-view angle might be partly to blame for that.


Relit and rebuilt after a harddrive failure lost the original contents.


Are you going to be able to morph him from Billy to Cpt Marvel? I noticed that’s what you inferred in one of your posts. That would be cool.

As for critiques, I’d suggest a bit more of a crotch - he’s a bit… flat. I’d also take a look at the lower body, in particular I think the feet are too large and the knees and upper leg muscles could use some work.
Lastly, I think his face somehow looks too young, I always remember him having that furrowed, but cheeky brow line, with the eyebrows upturned at the edges. Almost looked kind of evil sometimes… I guess it was the cheekyness. :slight_smile:


LOL Matoo… I was thinking the exact same thing. Why is it that these burly superheros never have any “package”.

Maybe it’s the steroids…


Well you know i am not trying to create a distraction


Thighs are too long in proportion to his lower legs. When the leg is fully bent, the heel should hit the butt. Also, high eyebrows are making him look a little effeminate.

The boots and the belt look really good. I think you really captured the feel of the materials.


Are you talking about the first picture or second!



Not bad, Julez - a fellow Marvel comics fan, huh?! Personally I’m an FF fan!

Realistic anatomy is a question of spining quads until you get the right contours of the musculature. You’re not far off the mark.

What I’m interested in is how you plan to rig this character, in regard to corrective morphing, an issue that is my presant bug bear! (See thread Endomorph Trauma!). Its tough when you’ve spent all that time doing the base model to such high detail only to find that the limbs are difficult to morph for rotations with the same level of control!

Keep sending in the work in progress!

All the best!



I was talking about the second one.


I will be rigging the character in Messiah. I will use the new bulge system that does defomation based off curves as well as muscle bones for shoulders, biceps and thighs. I will use corrective morphing but only to show flexing and relaxing in the elbows and knees. In bulge works like its suppose then I may forego but well see…

Captain Marvel is a DC Comics character.
StanLee & Marvel Comics swiped the name from this guy back in the 60s when he was going thru ownership limbo but this guy outsold Superman for years.


One (area, raytraced ) light coming from the right.

SSS Skin test
Using TBSkin plugin (very nice).


looking good.
you may want to drop the bounce light a bit from the floor.
other than that, it’s going nicely.


Working on a poster of Captain Marvel, the hero that gets mistakenly called “Shazam”
Trying to adapt this picture from Jeff Smith (Bone) new Shazam book

Into this: However exact arm/hand placement is not a must.
My clouds are a first attempt, no real light source for them but they are taking 7 hrs to render which is a bummer. I will add cape in last when everything else is great.
Anyway any suggestions.


Hard to judge when the image is not complete yet, but good start.

A question though. Why are his joints pinching like that (shoulders, knees)? He also looks a little “stoned” :wink:


He’s traditionally has had the squinted eye look and I was trying to to keep that but if its too confusing then I ma get rid of it all together …working on the knees and shoulders, trying to round them out.


Don’t foget to use those shoulders…static shoulders are icky:) Good job…hope you get the creases worked out too…have you though about doing the clouds in passes and adding them in post? Keep it up :slight_smile: