critique: Borji (walkcycle)


i have decided to dabble in the world of animation.

after reading around for quite sometime now, i believe i should put it to practice.

this is borji, the imp and i will practice animation with him

my first walkcycle, i have been working on it for 2 days now, trying to get the timing right, up to what i can see

i need your help now



It’s a very good first walk cycle.

His legs should be extended alittle bit more when he steps forward. Now, they’re bent at the knees quite a bit.

Make sure you have some lag on his arms and chest. In other words, offset the motion of each succesive limb by a frame or two behind its parent. This will make him a little more fluid.

His waist has some good up and down motion, but it appears to have no, or very little rotation. When his left foot is forward, the left side of his hip should be down and forward. Right foot forward, the right side of his hip should be down and forward. You shoud have two axes of rotation on the hip, left to right, and side to side. Don’t be afraid to exagerate it. Just counter the rotations with his chest.

Oh, try shifting the y channel (well, up and down channel) a few keyframes later so that his weight is being absorbed by the legs.

Also, make sure to have his hips move over the leg supporting the weight.

Show us the updates:thumbsup:


thank you very much, i will try these immediately…

one thing tho, when the foot is forward, i get a pop with the ik when i extend it fully, is there a way to avoid this in the curve editor (aside from not fully extending the knee)?

i have also lagged the parent/child on the upper torso and arm groups … well i guess they need to be shifted more

thanks again


wow-that´s a cool start…i agree-work on the hips and it´ll be perfect



hi puuuf! thanks!
yeah i tried to improve it

here’s an update

added delays to the torso / arms hierarchy ( domino effect)
and fixed the pelvic anim as you said Rogue

also i gave it an attitude, some wrist movement and motion blur

C&C’s welcome still


nicely done so far but there seems to be something nasty happening at his knees…the seem to “snap” a little bit…they should’nt be fully extended when his foot leves the ground


HellRender: youre right about the ball of foot and ear, thanks!.. i used 3dsmax 4

LowLife: yeah this is a continuing puzzle to me, on how to minimize that ik-snapping when the leg extends and bends back again.
any ideas?


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