Crit- Female Body


Hello All-

This is my first post on this website so I hope it all works.

I have attached a picture of a female body I am working on. I am shooting for Photorealistic and am pretty please with things so far. I have to add some things yet like hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. But for everything else I have reached a point where it’s time to bring in the critics. I would like any feedback that you want to give, no weak heart here. I guess I would say that- I am struggling with lighting. I think I could be much better, but I don’t know how to go about creatinbing interesting lighting. I’ve tried a number of different approaches and can’t seem to get really nice soft lighting. So, thanks to all who reply in advance.



No wires, and the images are really small, I know there is a 50kb attachment limit, but try and find some host somewhere, or make multiple attachments until somebody yells at you.

For lighting, a simple method is simply using a 3 point setup. Have your primary light with shadows and what not, make it a very soft orange or yellow color. Add a backlight to give a bit of highlight, make it a darker color, and maybe dimmer. Then add a fill light, which will basically light the areas of strong shadow cast by the Primary and the Backlight (backlight probably doesn’t even need to really cast shadows, infact, I believe by definition, it probably shouldn’t…atleast not strong shadows). Make the filllight a different color then your primary for some variety, but not largely so… Beyond just lighting, it will depend on how your materials react to the light. Generally the lights will be in a triangle configuration around the character. And thats my fast, quick, and dirty suggestion. Play with using three lights, and maybe a forth and you should be able to get some fairly decent looks.

As for crits, well, there are no wires, so I have no idea how workable your mesh would be, but I can tell from what I can see, the torso looks pretty good. So do the legs, can’t see the feet. As for the head, its pretty masculin I think. All her features are really strong, and boney. Make it softer, with more fat tissue for padding around the bone structure. Also, the head shape looks odd, I think the forhead is too rounded, and doesn’t slope back enough. No profile shot shown, so it may be a poor angle.

The arms, shoulders, and neck do not seem to match the level of detail everything below it has. There seems to be really no definition in the arms, and they look rather flat (may be the angle again, but we have what you have given). The whole arm seems like it tapers pretty uniformly to the hands (which look really flat). The shoulders also look flat, and very hard. Basically, take a look at some arm referance of the muscle structure, and then adpet it to you own model like it looks like you have down with the torso.

Also, because if I don’t say it, someone will, read the posting requirements. You didn’t show a front and side, or any wires, which I believe you are requried by this fourms rules to do.:shame:

Anyway, its a good start, I wouldn’t go too far with texture until the model is done. If you are aiming for photoreal (and I can only have sympathy for you, since you are) you have a lot of subtle modelling to do.

Goodluck (for photoreal, everybody needs it)


Please read the rules entirely and begin a new thread, the only reason I didn’t delete this is because you had a helpful crit. And please use proper naming conventions