Cristóbal Aparicio - ZBrush sketches


Hi all!

I want to improve my knowledge and get faster in ZBrush. To get that purpose, as many other people here, I`ll do sketches an post them here.

Critics, comments and advices will be very wellcome.

Thanks for see.

Let´s begin, here´s the first one:


A forearm´s anatomy study:


Male face study. I don´t want any likeness, only a believable proportions.


This is not property an sketch, obviously is a girl´s modeling in which I´m working, but done in ZBrush, so, here she is. :slight_smile:


Not only made in ZBrush. Displacement, bump and color in ZBrush, shading and lighting done with 3DMax and Vray.


Just seeing this for the first time. Your anatomy studies look great especially that arm.


Hi WyattHarris! Thank you so much for your comment. :thumbsup:

If you like the anatomy sure also like my last modeling: :wink:


Female face study. Same as the male face, I don´t search any likeness, only beauty and realistic proportions.


Baby face study.


Old man face study.


For a new 3D scene, I need a 3D model of the Belvedere torse. I only need the front view, but I decided to do the whole model, just for the excercise itself.

Base model in Max, and first modeling in Zbrush:



UV`s in UVLayout:


Final model:


Final model & color: