Crisp Corners in ZBrush Make Yak Angry


Wellllllllll, I am a freshy when it comes to ZBrush, and I am attempting to take this sword into ZBrush to add some decal work, ect. I really haven’t gotten past getting the model loaded because every time I up rez the model all my hard edges go away.

So far I have tried the CREASE method which absolutely makes me want to rip my face off, especially when there are so many PolyGroups that would need to be made. I also can’t quite figure out how to add polys to a single group (also the poly selection method seems to me to be borderline retarded, if anyone knows how to switch this method to more of a traditional 3DsMaxesc type please inform me).

Is there any civilized way to keep my hard edges after import in ZBrush?


import your model into zbrush.

Before subdividing, under the “geometry” dialog, next to the “Divide” button,

there is a “Smt” button; deactivate that and divide your model two or three times

and then activate the “Smt” button again before dividing your model further to get enough resolution for sculpting.

Basically, turning the “Smt” button off divides your model without “smoothing” your mesh, hence “Smt”.


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