Crimson Stillness, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


:buttrock: She’s so gorgeous!!


great work


Very nice !!


I loved this, absolutely fantastic :bowdown: . Can you please help me in rendering hair in maya. The problem is skin rendered in raytrace and hair rendered in depthmap shadows, getting problem in hair shadows on skin :banghead: . Want to see render passes :blush: .


wow! :keenly: awesome work,

I like the shades and texture of the cloth.
The the emotions shown in the girl face and her appealing poses is beauty. :applause:


Thank you for showing the break down on the work, it gives me a better picture on what needs to be done to achieve the final rendering. As someone new to the forum thank you again. The work is amazing.


GooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD :bowdown:


Great lighting ad model. Love your style