Crimson Stillness, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


Title: Crimson Stillness
Name: Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Country: Mexico
Software: ZBrush Mudbox Maya
Submitted: 16th July 2014

A relatively quick project, done just for workflow practice and as a deserved break from work over a couple of sundays. Sculpted from scratch in ZBrush, textured in Mudbox. Pose, render and hairstyle done inside Maya.
Just inspired by music I’ve been listening to lately :wink:


Beautiful render :applause:


yes , great lighting , whats youre set up look like? just luv the translucency of her skin, whats the material? awsum man…


Oh! WOW! She is gorgeous!


very nice I love her.


Superb as always! :arteest:


high end stuff we’re seeing here, congrats carlos!


wonderfully work. I am following


great work dude, I love the expression on her face.
Your characters all have a sort of disney style look to them.
Big fan


I love your style


you are the boss !!
i just love your work :slight_smile: :bowdown:


loving your work!!!!


Wonderful work as always Carlos.


You give stylistic ‘cartoony’ characters so much style and elegance. Nobody does it better in CG.


She looks very beautiful and vivid, very fond of her materials.


I love it.


hi, thank you.


Wonderfull, I like it! :slight_smile:


its so beautifull… :slight_smile:


great work !! what did you use to create the dress ?