Crimson Pirate, Michael la-Cour (2D)


Title: Crimson Pirate
Name: Michael la-Cour
Country: Denmark
Software: Photoshop

Crimson pirate (not very original title)

It seems that it’s very in to draw female pirates these days. So here is my take at it.
She’s a pirate captain in a battle at sea.


Great Picture,I like the Point of View. Excellent Painting


What a baddass chick! Very cool. I love that old torn ship in the background too.


Awesome pic man - very dynamic composition - maybe add some smoke from the barrel ?


Beautiful illustration. Nice feel for action.


Thanks guys. With the amount of time I have to make personal projects It’s very nice to know that they are appreciated.

I was quite deliberate about the action lines in her pose and the perspective. I wanted her to pop more in the picture than my usual characters.
Some hate it others love it - This just means that people notice it and that the image is different.

@Søren : To be honest I haven’t even consideret barrel smoke but it’s a great input. I don’t know how it would work with the hard wind coming in from the side. -Perhaps in a directors cut edition at some point in the future :wink:

Thanks for the response all


looking good man



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