creatures - some WIP for a feature film


Hello artists,

I did some works for a brazilian film (acquaria) and i have some screen shots fromt he time i was texturing some of the creatures for the movie… and id like to show ya guys.

Its a 2 headed lizard and a mutant-made-of-sand-fish…

the movie is done but i didnt see it yet. anyways this is the screen shots.

made in XSI 3.5

comments most appreciated.




And this is the mutant fish. The model was made by zytrox

ohh btw, the rig of the lizard was made by Luiz Adriano. all the rest is mine.




This is great stuff!

Modeling and texture look really good and very reallistic(yeah I know he has 2 head, but I think you know what I mean)

One of the best lizard I seen in 3D. Nothing really to critic

Did you make inside the mouth??


Heyas Pikmin,

Thanks for the comments mate:)

Yeah i did the inside mouth, but i dont haave any renders of it.

cheers mate



Well when I read Loganarts I was prepared for this . The Textures are incredible .Does this beast bite sandy or junior ? :slight_smile:
Vc é o loogie certo?
dá uma olhada na minha 5 cabeca e ve se pode me ajudar .
acho q nao posso por um link aqui . deve tá na 4 pagina .


I’m not happy with the lizard’s specularity. Besides that, very nice pet :slight_smile:


did you also create the textures? amazing work on the textures and mapping… must be using bump and displacement? did you rig and animate them as well?.. how long it take to create the lil creatures? :slight_smile:


real… though a clip from the movie to see rigging for a two headed lizard would’ve been cool, its really a curiosity thing. nothing to crit at.excellent.

btw azazel, did you know azazel means hell. I should know its hebrew.


Hehe nobrain, azazel is also a name of one of a character from Isaac Asimov’s short stories… theat’s where I found it. :slight_smile:


It looks really realistic.
Just Great!!!


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