Creatures CGPortfolio Mini-Challenge Dec 9th - Dec 23rd 2013


You know the only thing wrong with the holiday season? Not enough monsters. Luckily, between now and the 23rd of December, CGSociety is giving you the chance to upload as many creepy, slimy, toothy, hairy, leggy, scaly, craggy, smelly, weird or just plain scary (or even beautiful) beings as your heart desires.

Your creatures can be 2D or 3D - they can be WIPs or fully realised - they can be whatever you like. You just need to upload them to your CGPortfolio before December 23rd 2013 and put them in the “Creatures” category. (Don’t forget to do this, or your creature can’t be considered.)

After this date, our five judges (all contributors to The Essence - Creatures ) will each choose their favourite piece, and tell us why they like it. There are no other criteria - it’s entirely up to them (and their decisions are final!)

Winners will receive a free slip-case copy of The Essence - Creatures , a years’ free CGSConnect Membership and a free CGTOD of their choice. We’ll also showcase your CGPortfolio via our social media.

Our judges are:

Bryan Wynia
Josh Herman
Martin Rezard
Jim Van Den Bogart
Ian Joyner

Happy uploading! Feel free to post any questions in this thread (or links to your CGPortfolio, if you like). Or you can email me on


So,the competition will go until December 23rd 2014? Do we have more than a year to do this?
Sorry, just double checking


Cool, Just gave me an excuse to update my portfolio here, haven’t posted anything here in ages. Lots of new creatures


Argh. We’re a little ahead of ourselves. Fixing now. No, it’s 2013!


Cool! more reasons to create new creatures!


heh, great :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I finally have a reason to make the monster/creature projects on my todo list >.>* (dragons, werewolves, various monsters I invented myself and assorted other lovely nightmare fuel)


I’ll try to make something, sounds fun.


I’m thrilled about this contest, I love monsters! LOL


hope its not too late to begin an entry so close to the deadline!
sounds like a fun one.
good luck to everyone who participates.


Cool challenge, awesome judges!


We’ve had some awesome monsters uploaded, but not everyone is remembering to either tag their image “Creatures” or put it into the “Creatures” category in the drop-down menu. You have to do one of these to be eligible to win. It’s not too late to go back in and tag it if you forgot!

Happy Holidays!


In the new Galleries section of our CGPortfolio. Not quite finished yet, but here’s a sneak peek of a Creatures Gallery:


what time zone are you in?
I’m assuming Pacific Time, but could be wrong i guess.
I’m on the East Coast so I hope to have a few more hours!


hmm,great news,i tried a bunch of time but the images doesn’t show up in my portfolio!is there any thing i should do?


Hi 3mm - that is unusual. It could be a caching issue - can you see them now (3 days after you first posted?) If you can’t, email and he will look into the issue for you. Thanks for alerting us to this.


Nice works!

Really nice to see some good creature stuff before christmass :slight_smile:
Again I saw challange topic two days before end so christmass issues stopped me to finish this on time, but still Your works inspired me to finish my own creature:

Cya in next year :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Happy Holidays, and thanks for participating in our short competition. (Keep your eyes on this part of the site, because we’re going to be running a few more of these mini-comps)

Three of our five judges have passed their judgement, and the results are as follows:

Our judge Bryan Wynia chose an entry by Nate Hallinan below:

Bryan said, “Nate’s Anuran Warrior instantly caught my eye. He does a great job of describing the material of this frog like creature. All of the subtle little clothing elements help paint a vivid story for him. The frog like anatomy, realistic rendering, and subtle lens blur helps create a very believable creature.”

Our judge Josh Herman selected Koen Cooperman 's piece Portia 581 , seen below:

Josh says, “Koen Koopman’s entry is a beautiful piece of work. The inspiration is clear and maintains through the design, but doesn’t end up as expected. I love the call outs that add more to the design, beyond what’s seen in the excellent rendering. Oh, and I love those eyes! It’s already in my favourites.”

Martin Rezard chose John McGuire 's piece as his favourite.

Martin chose it because, "apart from the quality of the anatomy of the beast, and the relationship in the proportions of the rider and its mount,
I also like the fact that he seems to have created it specificaly for the challenge, with all the contraints and limitations attached to the process,
and even if it still is a work in progress, both the creature and the rider have a lot of character.
I am looking forward to seeing it evolve, .
great work.”

Congratulations, Nate, Koen and John - you’ve all won a years’ free CGSConnect Membership (giving you an ad-free CGPortfolio - both for you and those who view your work), a copy of The Essence Creatures and a CGTOD of your choice.


Wow, Thats awesome, thanks heaps for putting the comp on, motivating us, and providing the platform for the CG community to share our art. Happy new years!


Congratulations to all participants. We had quite a few pieces entered, which you cancheck out.


Thank you so much for selecting my Anuran Warrior! Congratulations to all the other winners as well.