Creature Modeling & Texturing Demoreel


hmm, just when I thought this would look good, actually it does, just I want to see the demo real… Someone needs to host this, I mean anything that gets on the front page is worth checken!..


Man, this thread sure is generating loads of replies… most of them are complaints tho. would really wanna see it soon for some solid inspiration. :slight_smile: i’m sure it’s gonna be nice… my expectations are high now! get a mirror soon…


WOW! This is really great stuff! Especially that man with that tattoo…! Just awesome! :love:

*Ook groetjes vanuit Nederland; Nipsen, tegen het belgische Essen :slight_smile: *



Incredible job! Great modelling and lovely texturing.

I’d like to give a mirror, but I haven’t got enough webspace left :frowning:

  • Bentagon

PS: Groeten vanuit Gent! En is het oké dat ik je vanavond even mail voor wat informatie over de 3D Animatie opleiding in KISP?


5 pages and no mirrors, please mend it, we want to see it!:bounce:


I’m sorry guys I’m doing my best to get another mirror, but the problem is that the people who offered me to mirror live in a different time zone, which makes it hard to communicate. I even looked for free hosting solutions but most of them only have about 1GB bandwith a month, so I’m afraid they wouldn’t last long either. If anyone else could help out, it would be most welcome…


Bentagon: natuurlijk, je mag me gerust een mailtje sturen :slight_smile:


Looked very nice!

I put up a mirror, you can grab the files from here (save as):



Hello everyone,

There’s another mirror up for my reel thanks to Wetatron.

I put up a mirror, you can grab the files from here (save as):


Oops didn’t see he already posted it :rolleyes:


Thx Wetatron


outstanding:bounce:. can you show us some wires?:slight_smile:


I was really looking forward to what the buzz was about and now I finally saw it. The texturing was very good but I’m not a big fan of the modeling. I thought the back of the female and male head was weird and the the models were a little lumpy. The proportions in general could use more work IMO.

Hope I’m not being too harsh here, this is just my opinion. It still is a pretty decent reel overall.


nice reel but that music needs to go :slight_smile:


the music is nice! and the reel looks very good, nice work !


Oh man I am sorry, got your message the mome3nt I had to go to work for 7 hours, really sorry I couldn’t help you mate. If you still want me to mirror( or any of the folks mirroring goes down) let me know. I am uploading as we speak.


Mahlikus: hey no problem, thanks anyways.


nice job Jelle !
love the tattoo guy great job
girls head looks really good also

goe bezig makker :slight_smile:
groenten uit gent


you’re very gifted, expecially your map, your charactersare living ones :applause: :applause:


Great job, especially for the human figure one you have as far as modeling goes. Your texturing is wonderfull as well.


i was looking at the image not the reel sorry. :banghead: anyways, nice models!