Creature Modeling & Texturing Demoreel


Well, I tried several times to see this, but I continue to get this message:
You are not authorized to view this page

You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the Homepage(); home page.

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HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
Internet Explorer

So something’s up with this website. I’d really like to see the reel!


Hey ,fellow belgian 3d artist , amazing reel… I’m sure you will find a good job soon :slight_smile:


very nice work :applause:


Hey Cathy,
sorry about that, I will try to find another mirror as soon as possible.


Hmmmm the website and links aren’t working . . . :frowning:


Wow, congratulations on crashing your mirror as well! Looking forward to download it when its up again.


Nice work, one minor thing you might want to change on the reel itself is to turn High Quality on in the movie properties for the Quicktime file. You’ll need Quicktime Pro to do that, but it helps tremendously in the quality of your movie file.


There are still plenty of us who wanna see what the big fuss is all about. Fix that crazy link for us will ya? WOoF!


yes i agree… u have to fix the link;)
my dl stopped at the half… :frowning:

Hurry :wink:



Links down for me too :frowning:


Link is dead :shrug:
I wanna see that frontpage plugged reel…


All the links you provided are dead :frowning:


Sorry but the link is out but I guess it’ll be back on soon.
cant wait to see it !


Ahhh Great you bandwidth sucking users, you killed the link and now I cant see anything. But from the limited number of reviews of people that did see it, I can’t wait.


:sad: The still looks awsome!!!, and i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see the demo, it looks really impressive! Mirror!!! Mirror!!! Mirror!!! we need a mirror!


Okay, I tried to contact some people who offered me to mirror my reel but no results so far…
Is there anyone else who can help me out with a mirror. I would really appreciate it…


I said me man!
Send me the file or get a hold of me so we can set up an ftp but hurry. I’m wide open!!:thumbsup:


Love it. Impressive texturing.


Darn…still can’t download the files! Links broken.


I can’t download from either link