Creature Modeling & Texturing Demoreel


Why this is front page ? There’s nothing on that link.


The link is not working.


band-width limit exceded. Can’t find a mirror please ?


i cannot download your demoreel… it’s too slow… can anyone mirror this? or is it already mirrorred?

btw, before looking at your whole composite image, i thought the warrior face was a little feminine… or is it just me?


its not working…the link is dead

can any body please do any thing


very nice work!!! :thumbsup:


I’ll be able to host the file, I just need it :wink:

send an email to me @



hey a fellow belgian, with a great music choice i must add :slight_smile: Outstanding work man!


I suggest a “RIGHT CLICK -> SAVE TARGET AS…” warning label. That way he’ll keep his daily bandwidth, or whatever reason his server couldn’t handle it… lol

I’m downloading it currently myself.

I’ll edit this in a minute…

UPDATE : Weee! got it! Last time I posted a mirror of an animation off my unused website, my bandwidth usage was somewhere like triple it’s monthly allowance! lol.

OK, After watching the reel, it pretty much hits the mark that you wanna show off your texturing and modelling skills. The only thing that catches my eye and is abused is the animated facial movement transitions. It throws off the reel a little with how fast the transitions just jump by. Then WAM! texture map of the creature. The fades are more gentle to the eye than the cuts.

Awesome Angelina Jolie render too. The hair looks a bit unkept, like you were trying to make it a not so clean look. As for the body modelling, I guess that could be hers, but either way it’s a nice female body form you modelled there.

Good work!


Well I noticed my website is having trouble handling so many viewers, sorry for that. I’ve found another mirror, maybe 2 (still waiting for malc0lm to reply to my e-mail).
It 'll be up in a few minutes…


the link is working!

impressive work man!!!


Delete your temporary internet files and see for your self . And no its not working and i realy wanna see that reel.

im going to mirror it till i download it.


Thanks everyone,

A Mirror should be up now, I hope it lasts a little longer…

Max Stalker, Stillwell: Thanks, I realize that the Angelina model isn’t quite perfect,
though what really makes a model look like the real thing in this case is one of her typical
facialexpressions and I did not have the time to do any. So maybe that’s why she looks a
little off…
Oh and I don’t really see the resemblence between Dobby and my Creature:

agreenster: I believe I used RAT 5.5.1 But I just used Slim to do the shading, I don’t really have
any experience with writing shaders.

fsanimate: I’ve been doing CG since I was about 15 and I’m 22 now.


groeten vanuit Edegem.

Great work



Great Demo Reel, really nice works! All the models were created in Maya? Did you use Byrons Poly Tools?

Sorry for beeing OT, but could you tell us a little about your Renderman approach? I always thought that having experience with writing shaders would be absolutely necessary for using Renderman. But your work is really great and since there’s an upcoming Renderman Maya PlugIn I’m really interested in your “pipeline” now!

I really liked the Angelina Jolie (you did a great job with the hair, man!) and the creature model!


Beautiful reel. I totally love the shading and texturing !

Impressive !

Cheers, Karel

PS Hehe, we should do an Antwerp 3D Convention.


Neelz: Glad you like the music, because there were quite a few people who didn’t.
Tarscher: Vanuit Edegem nog wel da’s niet ver van mn deur.
Thomas Mahler: Wel I used Renderman Artist Tools (RAT) which is a plugin for Maya that provides you with a GUI for making Shading networks (a bit like Maya’s HyperShade), so no programming is actually required.
RAT also automatically converts your scene to a RIB-file when you click “render” so all I do is model and light my stuff in Maya and then I use slim to make my shadingnetworks and tweak my lighting. that’s it. I probably should also mention that I didn’t use Renderman for all of the models, The warrior model and the Angelina model where rendered with Maya’s standard renderer.
KarelVR: yeah maybe we should (Damn lots of people from Belgium :))


restecp from waregem

love the music, love the textures, love it all…


The michael jordan guy was amazing.


Wow–really liked it (the face Morph, i agree should either be more advanced or left out).
Best Angelina model i have seen so far(and there were a lot to be seen), no crits from me.