Creature for "Orka" project


see the last page for wire


That, my friend, is looking v. interesting indeed.

I don’t have anything to crit, love everything about it.

As per usual, can you post some wires etc, and also a little more info on the ‘Orca’ project?


looks very good btu did you have to model his private?


Great organic feel for the character! Can’t critique this at all.


Hello!thx for u comments :slight_smile:
I will post other pic as soos as possible Paulc.
Gertaul yes i have to model his private!! because euh,euh u’r right but it’s preferable :slight_smile: don’t worry it’s a wip i will improve him,and after the modeling i will put some displace because i don’t want at the end to have something like a human skin but more something like LOTR.(don’t worry for the head it’s the begining)
Chadtheartist thx!! but i have to improve a lot of things!!
thx for u comments


Krysalid had said to me that you were on a top-secret project.
It is that one?
The Orka project?

Super this body at least!
A little tarzan, I like!
Beautiful mastery of the muscle structure.


Thanks Riddick !
yes is this one.


great modelling pixo! I dig his proportions; and yeah, excellent anatomy. I’d like to see more angles of the head and the wires too!


I kow that u used me as model, but I have to admit that i would nt beleive I was so well built :slight_smile:

Hyyy u r da best modeler on this forum :slight_smile:

Kinan (NEo rulz ?)


one more time your model is screaming of perfection.If this Character is in FrontPage I shall find that justified.
yep…,you allright Kinan.He used you as model for the private…hum…very Resembling!!.



pixopath some great work dude… do you have any concept sketches, maybe showing his outfit etc that we can see? I also thought his hand were to big but, then thats just me being picky and chances are im wrong lol

pixopath or stuzzi whats/who are ARTIZANAL your sites just a holding page?


It looks nice.
Can you show a low polly wireframe picture.
Only I think that the legs are a little bit to fat.




Hello Pixo, i saw that wip on 3dvf, but but I did not vrite comments to you…I benefit from it to do it here.
The model begins very well and your work and your work seems very clean and quite detailed…highly the continuation !!!


looks GREAT, I would love to see a front-shot of the face, it looks like nosferatu in need of serious dental work, I especially like the details on the nose and the great flow of the stretched skin. as for the body, the muscle definition is awesome, I dig the fact that you’ve taken basic human anatomy and just warped it slightly, like using three fingers/toes, exaggerating certain parts (no, not that one! :wink: )

all in all an extremely well detailed model, would love to see a wireframe of it to see what the geometry looks like.

SUPERB work and very creepy looking!


Hi there, just passing by to say : very good work indeed, I’m always looking for your thread for some eyecandies Pixopath.
Personaly I don’t think head match very well with the strongly built body (but that’s only my taste, nothing to do with the nice proportions, i feel like it breaks the appeal of the character).
But then again, just something personal.

I’m currently using max 5.1 and have seen very nice stuff done in Maya, do you reckon it is easier to soften the modeling,and tweak the polys to get nice muscles ? I’ve never used Maya.
What is your polycount so far ?? Do you intend to post a wire ??
Keep going it’s definately a very neat job.


i love how you artizanal studios guys are modeling… they all have the same great feel to them…highly smooth highly detailed beautiful models. i wish you guys would put out a video or tutorial on how you model.


hello !! :slight_smile:

Gkaine you’re right Artizanal power !
thx for u’r reply i’will post other viewport screenshot on monday!

thank u very much !


the shape of the anatomy is pretty good. it’s interesting how you have oversized the hands by quite a but, but they look failry well in proportion are you streatched and sized the forearms to match (probably in concept and not after modeling). I hope arms that long will look ok since they’ll hang down to the knees… the muscling of the legs are quite good and you make the 3-toed feet rather believable (though this isn’t matched with 3-fingered hands which makes them less believable).

Crits: the rib cage is a bit compressed especially at the top, you need to expand them out side-to-side and with them the pecs. that will remove the pinched look they have.

I don’t really see anything about the head I like (sorry). the ear has been rotated and are too small. nose is tiny and almost looks comical. the side teeth thing isn’t really possible and also looks a bit silly.


Great modeling pixopath… any other views?

Keep on.


nice work! really nice model but i dunno i guess he’ll die soon because of beeing hungry :wink: