creature: dragon


Info about the picture: I sketched this black dragon in a sketchpad in 2002 from the D&D 3E Monster Manual book but nvr got around to scan it in. When i finally got it scan it took me until now to actually start coloring it. Right now the color is very plain and lifeless and i need some feedback as how to make it look better. Fire away! :wink:
Software used is Adobe PhotoShop CS w/ mouse.

Please click on the link:

Thank you.


he he, it would look better if i could see it. the images won’t load when i click the link. i get a 404.


ok just found an image hosting site, hope this works now:


hehe, i’m working on a dragon as well…that’s cool :thumbsup:

the horns remind me of balrog


cool, what kind of dragon are u working on? can i see it? :slight_smile:
here’s an update, added highlights and shadows:


this is pretty cool!


This is a great dragon, I think it would look really cool with a nice enviroment, like him standing on a ledge of a green valley cliff, with lots of growth and trees and crazy landscape.
Good luck in finishing it up! :thumbsup:


cool design. yeah, this creature would look really nice in a menacing environment. jagged rocks, dramatic lighting. i think he needs some specular highlights now, more shading, and hints of light coming through his wings translucently, if you know what i mean. get going with that environment. nice!:thumbsup:


that’s a “foliage dragon”?

what strange color… just look for more intense tonality


Cool! I like the design! Good work.:slight_smile:


Don’t stop here :wink:


Hey everyone, thanks for the replies and feedback, i will draft the environment and post it up as soon as possible!! :thumbsup:


Very nice! I love the colors and the shadows!


As far as “looking flat” I think the dragon needs to have colors besides green. Use something with contrast like a tan, beige or golden yellow and introduce them on the belly, wings and highlights. Teeth should be a nice pearly white.

A few anatomy suggestions:
Long horns on the side of his head will make it difficult for him to eat. Horns would be more effective on top of his head so he could attack like a bull with an upward thrust of his head. Perhaps some shorter spike horns at the side of his head as defense?

Emphasize the leg muscles, especially the hind leg muscles. These should be powerful muscles that run from the hip to the knee, then from the knee to the heel. Always good to get reference from pics of iguanas, chameleons or komodo dragons.

Maybe deemphasize the ribs?

Nice work so far, though.


This is the original sketch:

Thx zycho, but still the picture can be improved.
Ilikesoup: Thx for the constructive input. As for the horns, I dont know why its there, i got this picture from the dnd book, so I don really want to change it now. Maybe when i create a new dragon I’ll think about those? :slight_smile: I have made some changes(changed the belly color, fixed some shadows, and teeth to white) to the dragon and this is the result:


nice dragon I love it, can you see mine


Acree: I cant see anything?

Btw, anyone else has ideas for the environment, i was thinking of a cave or maybe open air in the grass land or plains. Anyone?


nice work so far… but plz don’t stop here … push it some more … more color values would certainly do him some favor… have you tried to ink the sketch (print it out - and do some inking tests - it’s fun and perhaps it’ll give him an extra edge) … btw did you use gray tones to do you shadows? I personally like to make another layer for the shadows and set it to multiply with a reduced opacity at ~60 % and paint the shadows with some ‘dark’ blue in … keep it up


sorry for no update for long time, pretty bz here. Anyways here is a sketch of the bg, what do you guys think? Should i stick with it or come up with another? PS: Sketched using wacom


Hmmm…the background looks…er…very active. I wouldn’t put a volcanoe there coz if i were to draw a dragon like yours i’d make sure the picture will make the viewers focus more in the dragon, not on its surroundings…It looks like a good start. :slight_smile: