Creature Designers - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL


hello everybody …and for the picture I saw I feel lik a big noob if i compare the result and the time it take to me …

so heer some of my creature try design…

the first image was just after viewving the dvd from neville page…

evrything made with traditionnal medium first …then photoshop/painter …and both took me maybe something like more than 10 hours from the blank page until what you gonna be see right now


A bit of an old one (will find time to do new at somepoint) from early 2004.



no portrait today :smiley:


1 ft tall sculpture i did for a character study. Took me about 2 full days (because thats all the time i had. LOL)


nice piece of art man …:slight_smile:


Here are some stuff from my portfolio for university


SWEET…awesome thread…
herez my new sculpture work and a creature 3d work…hope u like it…:slight_smile:



i redid my first creature :slight_smile:

ps + mouse | about 2.5h



WOW!!! You’re really kicking a**!!! Nice piece! :thumbsup:



This is such a cool thread. Great work guys! I have to say, I don’t think I have ever really tried creating my own ‘creatures’ before. Hmm yet another weakness I need to work on.

Thanks for sharing everyone! :thumbsup:


U guys monster design are great! But Vahn one really reminds me of Metal Gear in Metal Gear Solid game. hehe


I just made this for a mini-contest at and I got quite happy whit the result :).

Concept: This cold blooded, subaquan beast, likes it near the warm vulcanos. It feeds mainly on birds and fish, but could devour anything it walks/swims by. If the prey isn’t dead it will use its poisonous tentacles and jaw to kill the prey. It would also use it’s tentacles to capture birds flying away.
If the prey is too big for it to swallow, the Female would chew it in smaller pices and store them away in its cave for the smaller ones.

Photoshop-wacom. 4-5 hours


Lady Medusa,

For whatever reason, I couldn’t post a reply to this thread before, but at last I can! Whee! :thumbsup: I REALLY like this piece, and in truth think it is one of the best of your pieces so far. Nice work! :slight_smile: The color combination works really well, and I’m quite impressed with your modeling ability. This definitely looks to be a dimensional and plausible character. :slight_smile:

I hope you post more of these!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



not had much time to come and muse around this forum lately… work and other inspirations have kept me muchly busy, but I thought I’d add this sketch to this thread, as I’m actually quite proud of the anatomy of his neck muscles.



Very cool piece! For what was this done? Personal project, or something else? :slight_smile: Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:




U guys really impress me … and first and last one was most great , all of them great :love:

I am embressed from my nick ^_^’


thanks for the link rebecca :slight_smile:

here are a few creatures… :expressionless:

can this count for a creature?


Hey, really awesome, Icey! :thumbsup: I think you ought to try the OFDWs and do a black, white, and gray study…it would help, I think, in really making your digital pieces pop as much as your traditional ones. :thumbsup: Glad to see your work here…and looking forward to watching your skills grow even more impressive. :slight_smile:




Here a poor creature trying from me again :stuck_out_tongue: Not prepare any sketch on paper , directly done it in PS with tablet , I am not sure how is :wip:


Rebecca - as soon as i have time for this you’ll see a black and wite ps sketch! :slight_smile:

i’ve tried a colored one but didn’t worked… :frowning:

here is another creature… - after reference from Ben Miller’s photos! :slight_smile: - i did something like Glen does - took the picture, drow the figure and than modyfy things to make something diffrent out of it … (well… close to what glen does :p)
this is the result