Creature Designers - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL



This thread is for 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL CREATURE DESIGNERS to post their best work.

[u]Please post:[/u]

[b][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process and the project

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Since I do not have a best :), I want to post the most recent if it’s OK. It is a small dragon.

Creature concept

This is just a “first idea” sketch with pencil.


This is some fanboy art of Giger’s Alien, did it a while ago, initially sketched out in prismacolor pencil and photoshopped.


This was a demon sketch I did, which I then photoshopped, it was a quick paint for a design gig and I got it.

Initial prismacolor pencil



Well i made a orc head a long time ago (2004. May) I was only 15 then :slight_smile: I studied the zbrush and i made this one. But for a long time, i dont use Zbrush and only work in 2d…


magic man can i quickly ask,how do u colour under the pencils like that,cos i wanna keep the grittyness of my pencil work,but i’m not quite sure how…photoshop this is


That looks very cool, I like the style very much.


Yo bro, you’re gonna kick yourself when you find out how easy it is :wink:

Alright, I’ll assume you know how to import from a scanner and clean up, then assuming your scanned image is the background layer:

a. create a new layer with the artwork on it, via Layer -> New -> Background From Layer (this creates a new layer for which the blending modes are accessible)

b. in the blending mode drop down menu from the layers pallette, change the blending mode from “Normal” to “Multiply”, this now creates a blending method whereby the value determines the opacity of the object. For instance white denotes zero opacity (meaning whatever is on the layer below is now visible), black = 100% opacity, meaning whatever is underneath that layer is not visible. This applied uniformly for whatever greyscale you have on the multiply layer.

c. create a new layer and drag it below the source image layer, and paint on it - easy.

Have fun.



*kicks self *

yeh i’ve been painting on one layer so often i forgot this is how i used to colour comic book pages…

dunno how the hell i forgot,thanks for the reminder man hehe!!

btw i didn’t mention how cool ur pics where!! excellent!! especially the alien.


magic man: Thanks. And your demon definitely deserves a wow.

Here is another dragon from my sketchbook:
Another dragon


3D traditional. In that, it’s sculpture. The pink things in the first photo are my fingers… sorry…


edit: oh, shoot… medium: first: polymer clay
second: scan, taken into corel photopaint and, well, painted…:slight_smile: third image: also sculpted, taken into photopaint as well. Maybe five minutes each time spent coloring on each.
project: practice.
process: Not sure how to answer this one for sculpture, as it was just sculpted. I take clay and move it around until it looks like something… I know, stupid, but I don’t know how to state the process here.
time: Hmm. I lose track of it, but I think something like 5 to 8 hours total for the first one, and I think 2 or 3 for the Good Dog. He never got his bottom teeth before I crunched him.



WOW! It’s so cool to see your hidden talents revealed! I love these sculptures because they are rather more artistic than your average creature design ~ they are in fact rather beautiful!

Thank you for posting these! :slight_smile:



Jippey, a creature thread :smiley:

augustus, the first concept is so cool! I like it alot. The second one is cool too, but I think you need to work on the feet, they dont look like they could handle the weight of the big dragon :slight_smile:

magic man, Wow! Your Prismacolor-works are so awesome in detail and shading, especially the alien! The demon looks cool too, but it´s coloration is a bit weak comparsed to your other colorations.

Brutal Monk, looks very solid, but somehow its surface is very “clean” - to clean for zbrush, or did I misunderstood something?

AdrielaSakamoto, wow, the details are wonderful! Could you explain how you got it so clean?

two scribbled creatures from today :slight_smile:



Polymer clay is inherently a great medium for details. I use Premo now, but I think for those two I used Super Sculpey. It has proven to be too brittle after curing for my work, so I use leached Premo. Premo is a wonderfully medium soft clay, with great workability, but it tends to get too soft to hold the tiny detail. I leach it by rolling it thinly in a pasta machine, and then letting it sit overnight between several sheets of printer paper or other good cotton/absorbent paper. This leaches out some of the plasticizer so the clay is firmer and holds little detail very well, so that it’s more like Super Sculpey in texture and feel, but still has a lot of tensile strength when cured. You can bend little fingers to a tiny degree and they will still flex without breaking if you don’t take it too far. hope this helps.


i used to sculpt…until i discovered i was shite.


great stuff guys!


okaay here are some of mine these are from a challenge i have with calisto photoshop, 45 minutes


hehe yeh that was great neb.

hehe how does this guys eat? threw his mouth…or his head?


Holy crap my pants!

That’s AMAZING! :slight_smile:



lol well here is another one a basilisk, 2 hours photoshop


Neb…looks like you have broken Photobucket :slight_smile: … can’t see ya pics man :frowning: …