Creature: Bug Enemy


This one is for a super secret art test that no one can know about but me. Specs for this guy is a 500 triangle limit and a 128x128 text map. I hit the limit of 500 triangles excactly. Man , i’ll tel yop what, 500 triangels sure is hard to work with but i did it. I feel like Lance Armstrong after he beat France in the France Vs Lance Armsrong basketball contest. You know that huge televised bout where Lance challanged the whole contry to a basketball game and Lance beat them 21 to 144. That was really special, just like me and my 500 triangles. love


This is pretty damn cool… great work for 500 polys… how ya gonna texture him/her/it up?

Is this a job “art test”?.. good luck :thumbsup:


I likes, that’s not bad at all, especially for 500 polys, very dynamic, I hope to get my head out my a## some day produce quality work, thanks for sharing


I must say again, this is very clean geometry, do tell,


YerEvilTwin great use of polies, nice shape to the bug, I’ll be watching…:wink:




Excellent work for the amount of polies you used!
I think the map is a bit too clean and cartoony at the moment - its really bright as well. Really nicely painted though.


Excellent work, when I first saw the models I thought “Thats going to look good textured” and I was right :slight_smile: Very nice work on this low poly model it has a great insect like shape and the texture fits the model very well making it look much more detailed than it actually is.

I would agree that it does look a little ‘cartoony’ similar to the Quake 2 model/texture set but I quite like this look, it has plenty of life and a great solid feel.


the model is great but the texture doesnt really live up to it.
It is generally very blurry and it has not real depth to it. LIke andy wrote it, looks very cartoony.

The theeth area is a great example on how blurry everything is. Use some 1 px brushes to give it some edge and throw on some highlights to give it more dimension.

YOur going the right way … keep it up m8


Texture looks great man… I love the cartoon style :applause:


very cool, i really like the texture style, if this is for a job, good luck indeed!


Great cartoonish texture , great job both in modeling and texturing :applause:


thnaks for the reply guys. The texture is made in the metroid prime way. i looked at several screen shots of Mertroid prime to see how they painted their textures and tried to copy it. Also and this is a big also, the map that you see hear is 512, but the final game map is 128. All of the detail is lost and the colors need to be saturated and bright because the lighting in the game will dull it and this caharacter needs to be seen on a hand held screen.


ah insteresting … that seems to be a growing industry, mobilegames


I knew that before I could get it out, it did look like a metroid character or creature, man your to cool for me, good work, I’m to much of a slacker :slight_smile:


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