Creature Alphabeth Month


I guess this project kind of belongs in here.
Its been a long time since I drew on a regular basis and I want that to change. This month I intend to draw one creature a day, based on mythologies, folklore and other sources in alphabethized order.

If you want to join the fun and make your own alphabet month, make your own thread.
Comments and critiques are welcome :slight_smile:

A- Amphisbaena

The Amphisbaena is a two headed serpent that spawned from the dripping blood of Medusas head. It resides in the desert, but can survive well in the cold as well. The original description is simply that of a snake whit heads on either side of its body. Medieval depictions often featured two legs or more, and some whit the necks on either side being equal in size. I chose to make the illustrations based on the medieval description simply because it seemed a little bit more interesting.
References: Monstropedia, Encyclopedia Mythica, Wikipedia



Origin: Manx Mythology
The bugganes were said to huge ogre-like creatures covered in black fur. They have claws and big red mouths whit tusks.
They are known to dig uunderground, but they cannot stand on hallowed ground or cross water
They are somewhat territorial and keep to one place until disturbed. Fairies call upon then to punish humans who have offended them.
References: Wikipedia,

This was a fun creature to draw, even though it wasn’t complex. I might make more drawings of it in the future :slight_smile:



Origins: Persian Mythology
It is described as having the body of a dog and the head and wings of a bird. I have the front paws made as birdfeet as well because it later mentions its talons
Referances: Monstropedia

I’m not too happy whit todays entry, Something went wrong during the coloring, but I made my goal to submit whatever I did related to that creature whether I like the result or not. I did like the linework however :slight_smile:



The Draug is sort of a zombie-ghost of a Viking. They all posses great strength and can grow large in size at will, and some mean it can shape shift into a mossy stone or seaweed.
They will guard their treasures well.
To make sure the draug was dead, a hero would need to fight it hand to hand, slay its head off whit its own weapon and burn it and dump the ashes at sea.
Research: Monstropedia, Wikipedia
I was happy whit the line-work here as well, specially the face. I clearly see that I need to practice anatomy.


E - Ettin

The ettin is a man eating giant whit 3 heads. It originates from English fairy tales.


^argh. Those evil ones in Nethack… :smiley:

Love the idea.


Gorgeous idea and nice concepts, I am watching your thread now :wink:


F- Fuath

Origins: Gaelic Mythology
The fuath is an evil water spirit. It is described as having webbed toes, shaggy yellow fur, mane down its back and a tail whit spikes. It also wears a green dress, robe or kirtle.
Sometimes it marries humans and have children whit some of their properties (Tail, mane and/or webbed toes).
References: Monstropedia, Wikipedia, Medieval feel

I wanted to do a different approach this time and try to go for a medieval-ish style, just for fun.

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:



Origins: Hindu Mythology
A strong two headed bird capable of carrying an elephant in each of its talons and each of its beaks.
Reference: Wikipedia, Mythical Creatures and Beasts Wiki



Origins: Japanese Folklore
It has one single gigant eye in the center of its face, and a long tongue. They are rather harmless.
Referance: Wikipedia



Origins: Russian Folklore
This gigantic beast is the lord of the animals, residing on The Saint/Holy Mountain. It is described as having the body of a bull and the head of a horse whit a horn on its snout.
Referanses: Wikipedia, Monstropedia, Monkey on a bull, Generic bull 1, Generic bull 2 (Huge bull, pic and video) ,Horse (Kabardin-Russian warmblood from mountainous areas) in a book of horses.



Origins: Indonesian and Malaysian folklore
Jenglot is a small living, mummified, humanoid doll whit staring eyes, prominent canines and long nails. Its hair keeps growing and some have joined legs. People who own these, feed them whit blood by placing human or animal blood next to the doll, it will “eat” it in its own way.
They are used in black magic to cast spells or give their owner supernatural abilities. But if they are not feed and treated properly, they will turn back on their owners.

Referanses: Monstropedia, Google image search



Half-fish, half human creature that drowns people. It resides in deep pools. It has white skin, long black hair and red eyes. It makes a sound like a crying woman/person.
Referances: Monsropedia, Various sites on google, telling the same story (summed in one)

I wanted to make her stand out and I wanted to make her “beautiful”. From afar, she would look quite human and anyone would save her being too late once they realized she’s not human. If she looked like a beastly fish only the compassionate would save her. The story people tell of it gave me more of an impression that they’d want to save her, and then when they saw the red eyes, they’d rather turn back but couldn’t :slight_smile:


L-Llamhigyn Y Dwr

Origins: Welsh Folklore
It’s described as a gigantic frog, whit bat-wings for front legs and no hind legs. It also has long tail whit a stinger at the end.
Origins: Monstropedia

This was fun to paint, even though I made him in such a dull pose :slight_smile:



Origins: India
The manticore looks like a lion whit long neck, a humanoid face and a big mouth whit rows off teeth (like a shark). It can shoot spikes from its tail and it runs pretty fast. It sounds like a trumpet.

I felt like going simplistic today, but maybe this was too simplistic


Hey there, great idea and challenge you have made for yourself! So far you’ve been rocking i like reading the descriptions along with the images. Looking foward to more.



Origin: Japaneese Folklore
The Nekomoto is a cat whit a split tail. It can make ghostly fireballs, walk on its hind legs, talk and reanimate corpses. It will haunt any household it is kept in and will eat anything, large or small.
Reference: Wikipedia
Edit: Thanks Rabid :slight_smile:


O - Ördög

Origins: Hungarian Mythology
Often described as a pitch black faun, featuring horns, hooves and a pointy tail. It resides in the underworld and when it visits our world, it shapeshifts into a fox, a hungarian shepperd whit dark sparkly eyes or a dark flame usually making bets whit humans to see if the grow corrupt
Ref: Wikipedia

Wanted to do this differently, so I drew it in a comic book style :slight_smile:


P - Pyrausta

Origins: Cyprus
Insect sized dragon that lives in fire. It looks like an insect whit the head of a dragon and 4 legs.
Reference: Wikipedia

Not too happy whit this, tried to use a brush I haven’t used in a while and I think I see why :slight_smile:


Q - Qiqirn

Qiqirn is a bald dog spirit whit hair on its feet, mouth, ears and tail. It’s frightening and also skiddish.
One way to scare it is to call out its name.
Referance: Wikipedia