Creative Laptop Advice for Modeling Texturing Rendering


Grateful for any advice for Laptop purchase.

I use Zbrush/3DCoat/Blender/Keyshot/Photoshop primarily for creating still images (model-texture-render-post-done). Most of my time is in Zbrush with most rendering in Keyshot, but like using Cycles from time to time as well as simulations and generators in Blender for fluid, cloth, and particles. Interested in MD for cloth sims, but not critically important.

I am working in a budget as close to 1500 USD as possible, so my target specs include:

Thin and Light with professional look are High Priority; suitable for business meetings and portable(something that looks more like a laptop than a spaceship and is easy to carry around)
1060GTX Max Q or original with 6GB
At least 256 SSD with 1TB or more SSD or HDD for storage; will settle for one 512 or more SSD
16 GB Ram or more and at least upgradable to 32
1080P, IPS preferred
easily upgradeable memory ad storage

Which is better option: Gigabyte Aero 15, Razer Blade 15, or other?

I think the Zephyrus is out of my price range for these specs
I decided against the MSI P65 due to having to remove motherboard for upgrades
Do you think prices will drop more than several hundred in the next few weeks?
Best place to purchase?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance


I bought a Gigabyte Aero 15 2 years ago, has been the best decision I made for my situation as I needed the high color accuracy screen, I upgraded it to 32gb Ram and the battery lasts 6-8hrs when on go. I still have not found anything that requires more than my 1060 video card it runs all my 3D software very well (I do 3D architectural viz) so 3dsmax, marvelous, zbrush, substance, cloth, particles etc. I have used it for 5k rendering nearly every day since and no problems with heating, I also like the fact you can switch the fans off if you are just watching a movie or reading which makes it 100% silent.

Very easy to upgrade yourself as the back flips off and gives you access directly to the M2 slots and Ram slots. If I was in the market again for a laptop and they had these things capable of upgrading to 64GB ram Id upgrade today. I also like the thin bezels and 2kg weight (although I think most gaming laptops are competing for these specs now).

I was in a similar position to you when it comes to choice, It simple came down to a few things which made my mind up:

  • battery life (as Im mobile a lot - FYI it wont use the nvidia card when you are mobile)
  • screen color accuracy
  • weight/portability (I used to have a 5kg dell - too heavy to carry around all the time)
  • easy upgrade
  • good ports (thunderbolt, usb c, card reader)

Things I would recommend if you did choose this machine:

  • Replace the WLAN card with a much faster one (The one it comes with is OK, but there is far better ones out there like the KILLER for super cheap)
  • Upgrade to max ram (3D eats it for breakfast)
  • Upgrade the M2 SSD (the one it comes with is fast enough but for serious work do yourself a favor and get a 3000mb speed it pays off in the long run)
  • If you have the option get the 1070, the 1060 was great 2 years ago and still is but if you want to do some GPU rendering the VRAM is not enough with Windows 10 taking 2 GB from you)