Creation of new texture from 2 to others?


Is it possible to generate a new texture from the transition between 2 textures? If so, how?


The layer shader might work for you.



This feature permit multiple layers with modes and masks like in Photoshop. It’s one material…or to be more precise one channel within a layer but features loads of power.

If that’s not enough and you really need a material that ‘blends’ two discreet c4d materials…I don’t know if/how that can be done.


Thanks guys.

I’m assuming I could add vertex maps on different layers in this mix as well, right?



Simon Holmedal has a really great presentation on both these techniques: blending materials using animated maps as masks in a layer shader as well as using animated vertex maps.

cool stuff


Thank you.
Do you know if the math tools he (Simon) mentions have links somewhere?