Creating Worlds, Alberto Trujillo (3D)


Title: Creating Worlds
Name: Alberto Trujillo
Country: España
Software: 3ds max mental ray ZBrush
Submitted: 28th May 2012

I made this 3d set for my next short movie “Creating Worlds”. I finish it in 3 weeks. The idea is that a boy make a diorama so good that it get alive, also i want to explain that make a 3d enviroment is moreless like make a real diorama.

All critics are welcome!



Very nice image, I love the ambient and the composition!


excelllent, both your 3d set and the story of the short film. can’t wait for its coming!


I really like the concept, terrific details !
Waiting the short :slight_smile:


Amazing, I love it. :slight_smile:


Very cool, and great idea! :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot for all your comments!!


Just lovinggggg it


Atrujo, you know I have been meaning to ask as your name rings familiar to me somehow, were you part of that “Semillitas” project?
“Dark rider arrives”?


Thanks again for your comments!


Maybe for another project! I know semillitas but I did not participate in any of their projects.
Very nice Dragon in your portfolio!


Thank you, very kind. :slight_smile:


Something about miniatures, all the little details - love it


This reminds me my childhood so much! great work mate… .love all details.


I like the idea, great job! :thumbsup:


Insane!!..great job…stuck viewing the picture…congrats!..


Enhorabuena Alberto. Sensacional trabajo.


Fantastic piece.
Reminds me of when I used to be into model trains.


The mockup has an impressive detail level.


Great work! I love that tiny details and the general mood. Also wanting to see that short you’re working on.