Creating "sub-groups/selection" within the same object?



I am wondering if it’s possible to have one object, but name/categorize particular parts of it so I can select these parts easier. For example, if your object was an arm, you could make parts to it like “elbow”, “shoulder”, “wrist” etc. Another example is if you had a pants object, make sub-groups like “pocket” or “zipper”.
I am just finding it time-consuming to have to select each and every component every time I want to edit something in particular (and double-checking I didn’t accidentally select a stray component from somewhere else).

I seem to recall Blender having a feature like this, but I can’t remember what it’s called, so I wasn’t sure how to search for a feature like this. Hopefully you guys can help!

Thank you.


you could use sets…
select some faces --> create --> sets
to select all faces in a set… select the set and hit the up arrow key…

or parent the obejcts…
or if you are goin to animate those char i would use parent constrains…


Thank you oglu! This is exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile:


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