Creating stylized Clouds using Octane


I’ve been trying to create some stylized clouds since forever !
By stylized I mean not so much proceduraly generated to achive a shape close to my preferences.

I’m “playing” with octane trying to achive that but I think that it wasn’t supposed to work the way I want it.

Let’s say I have that Teapot generic 3d model for various tests. I export it as a VDB and reimport it with the volume editor in octane (I use it as a plugin inside C4D). How can I give it that not-so-defining shape to make it look like it is assembled out of cloud patches ? So far the cloud is just a foggy teapot. I want it irregular even if the space I want it to grow inside is regular. I’m trying to mess around with the parameters of the scattering and emittion but nothing seems to be compatible with those fields. I was able to assign only one shader and I didn’t understand what their function were supposed to be.

Octanes’ help doesn’t realy help. It’s not so descriptive as C4D’s.

Seems like what I want is a mix of the regular volume mode with the VDB mode where I can have the fractal shaders applied not to a box (as it is in default) but in a predefined closed mesh by me.