Creating some custom features..... in need of advice


i’m looking for advice on two issues:

  1. i want to create a custom Toolbar that’s basically a “Play/Next Frame/Next KeyFrame” floating tool.
    problem is i can’t seem to find Next Frame or Next Keyframe in the Commands.

  2. i also want to change the “Show Safe Frame” from a Black Border to a Thin Red Line. this is so i can see below and above more easily.

  1. " Time" Category

2, Don’t understand… See what?


hey thanks domos!

  1. those are good, but i don’t see a Go To “Next KeyFrame” feature. am i just missing it?
  2. in your viewport if your looking thru a camera, on the top left, you can click and move down to “show safe Frame”. this produces black around the frame of the viewport. i was looking for a way to make it just an outline, red, green ,etc…

  1. Do you know you already have those controls by default?

If you prefer having them on another toolbar, as Domos said, those can be found in the customize user interface toolbars “Time” category. The names are “Backup Time One Unit” and “Forward Time One Unit”.

  1. You can remove the black safe region disabling “Mask Viewport to Safe Region” on viewport preferences:

And change safe region colours in customize user interface:


BTW, it’s much faster to use keyboard shortcuts to jump frames, use “,” and “.” keys by default to do that.


Kudos! the “Mask Viewport to Safe Region” is exactly what i’m looking for.

in regards to the play features: of course i know of the player near the bot of screen. i need one that floats anywhere i need it.
i already have “Backup Time One Unit” and “Forward Time One Unit”
i’m looking for “Next Key” and “Previous Key”. oddly it’s not in the Time Category


Oh, I see the problem now. You can change that setting “Key Mode”, don’t know if there is a more direct way to do it natively.
Next Frame/Key


it appears that the "Forward and Backward Time One Unit buttons are actually the same as “Next/Previous Key” inside the Customize Menus. (you cannot do them separately)

adding a Key Mode Toggle allows both features in one click