Creating multiple copies on a path in maya 5



im modelling a rollercoaster track in maya 5. i created a single piece of rail and i want to make its several copies on a path created using the EP Curve. how do i achieve that? is there a way? please help me. i referred to help and manuals but couldnt find an answer. please help.




hey dude…i would try make an extrude…use the path as your path…and then make the outline shape of your rail…
and make an extrude…

if you need more details…ect just msg me back



hi Aken009,

thanx a lot for replying. but i guess u couldnt visualise what i have on my mind. i’m posting a link to the image of a rollercoaster. have a look at it.

if u notice the tracks in the image, the cylindrical tracks are easily created using extrude as u suggested. the problem is arising with creating an array of those clip-like structures between the 2 parallel cylidrical tracks (on which switchback is moving) and the supporting cylindrical track (bigger one to which those clip-like structures are attached). how do i create the array of those equidistant clip-like structures along a path? this is the problem im facing. please help me with it. i’ll be really grateful.



ahhh…cool man…then let me suggest that you make your “railings” and your path into a motion path.

Then after that i would do either an animated sweep, or an animation snapshot

all tools are found in the ANIMATION SECTION

g’luck, and hope that helped ya out


hi aken009,

thanx a lot buddy, it worked! thanx a lot. just one thing, i made a loop in my rollercoaster track, now those railings (which i banked along the path) have kind of twisted along the normals of the curve (may be) which obviously needs lot of rotation for each individual railing. is there any way i can avoid that from happening?


hey dude, glad it worked out

as for your rotation problems…not sure if i follow what you mean…i hope i do. so here’s my solution. I would play with the WORLD UP TYPE in your motion path attributes. I think default is VECTOR

I would either first try NORMAL, if that doesn’t work try OBJECT UP or OBJECT ROTATION UP. Hope that helps…


hey dude…just one more thing…if you still get twisting and all that…and you still don’t feel like manually rotating the railings
Then try and keyframe the values of one of the twists that would correct the problem. The only thing about this method is that when you are correcting a twisting problem…you most likely will have to key frame every frame, and if you try this method you’ll see why. if you have any more problems…just lemme know


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