Creating dockable Python Qt UIs for maya?


so im introducing myself to UI scripting in maya with python/pyside, and I’ve already got some questions.

Ive been fiddling with docked interfaces, using this example along with a few others.
It seems like Qt UIs are implemented by creating a Qt UI, which is then parented to the main maya window so as to prevent garbage collection on the UI. Seems like MayaQWidgetDockableMixin can be referenced to make the UI dockable, although it seems somewhat buggy, or at least I wasnt able to get it to work without docking introducing rendering glitches.
The above example doesnt seem to use the Mixin but instead creates some sort of MEL interface cmds.workspaceControl which the Qt UI is implanted on and the MEL interface is dockable by default i guess.

So far all the dockable UIs I have seen seem to dock in to some sort of tabbed dock, and I havent been able to figure out how to disable that and just make it dock in to the UI with no Tabs like the various vanilla UI Elements do.

Another thing ive been trying to figure out is how to create UI elements like the default ones that Maya has on its UI. for example the dividers in the Status Line that you can press. Ive looked at the Statusline source (which seems to be purely MEL) and it looks like the dividers are built with 2 MEL separator commands and 1 iconTextButton command, but I dont know how I would implement those in Qt.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the stuff ive mentioned above? or maybe some resources I could take a look at to better understand this.