Creating Custom Palettes


Lets say I want to take something metal, for example the statue of liberty. I want to create a palette from the colors of the image. Then I want to take something cloth and use that palette on it so it looks like it is the same material as the statue. How would I do this. If you have no idea what I am talking about but know an easy way to do this process, please tell me. Thank you.


Not possible. Cloth and metal are two different materials. Changing colors is not going to make one material look like the other. Other things that might play a role are diffusion, specular highlights, color of highlights, reflection, transparency, structure of surface, etc.


First thing that comes to mind is a gradient map. Create an adjustment layer for it, apply a mask to the area you want to change, and then fiddle with the colors and sliders till you get something you like. Tell me how it works out.


I actually did an exclusion option in “apply image.” This made the object look really similar to the other object I was matching. I filtered it with some difference clouds then used the clone tool at 50% opacity. It turned out pretty decent but not perfect. Once I finish I’ll put it online and put a link in this thread.


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