Creating C4d (AniMIDI) template for MIDI import that allows me to snap quantize keyframes to MIDI events


I would like to time everything to musical events. Digging into AniMIDI for the first time, and wondering if I can set up a template on both ends where I output a MIDI file from Logic that contains events for every bar, beat, beginning of a section, etc.

… and then use that MIDI track as a guide to snap quantize all events in C4d.

I can see how to do it manually by setting up a visual cue in AniMIDI that a MIDI event has occurred, then manually moving the keyframe for a new scene, camera move, or whatever to that same frame… but it would be MUCH faster if there were some way to automatically snap quantize my edits to the grid as defined by the MIDI events as the frames are just a meaningless abstraction to me that get in the way and slow me down.

Really want to do this via the MIDI data if possible, though, and not just some bpm calculation that throws down dummy keyframes as I often change tempo, and do other things that would throw off such calculations. Plus, would like to get much more sophisticated than simple beats… like importing vocal melody so I never have to scrub audio again to find each word, or even potentially set up a display showing song section, beats and bars like I have in Logic. Ideally, the dope sheet would be somehow visually broken down into sections, bars, and beats.

Getting ahead of myself, though, first thing is I need to find a way to snap quantize or magnet move keyframes to MIDI events, and figuring since AniMIDI is reading them and reacting to them… there must be some way of attaching to them.