creating an incidence shader in maya?


im trying to use a method for ink outlines from this website

i dont even know what an incedence shader is but i was wondering if anyone has a tutorial on how to make one?

btw i tryed the js_incedence plug-in but i cant get it to load for some odd reason.





hey thanks for the quick reply but the site is down so im not able to d/l?

btw lights do not effect this shader?


I think what you want to do, if I understand right, is to take a samplerInfoNode, pipe the camera facing ratio into the V coord of a black-to-white V ramp, and have that control your shading. Yes?

Depending on what you hook the ramp up to (color/diffuse versus incandescence/ambient/whatever), it will be affected by lighting, or not.


I can’t look at Francesca’s file, since I only have Maya 6, not 7, and she made it a .mb file, but it looks like that’s basically what she’s doing, with a couple add-ons. She’s added a setRange node, presumably to control falloff of those values, so you could, say, bloom out into white easier. She also has a blendColors node in place of the ramp, which could work better if you wanted to blend between two shading networks depending on the facing ratio.


i got the download. i thank you for very much for going above what i asked for. i beleive this will work for making the ink lines i need.

Bonedaddy: im actually not sure what a falloff map or incidence shader is but i beleive it is a grey scale map on the model with no lights affecting it.

this website might be a good thing to look at to get a better idea of what im trying to explain…k/toon_ink.html


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