creating an evenly spaced set of duplicated objects



Hi, sorry I guess that was pretty obvious, huh? I got it now…mods delete this if you want:blush: :smiley:


Anyone here familiar with the “Array” function in max? It gives you a bunch of handy options to create multiple duplicates of objects that are evenly distributed in any direction(s) and rotated in any direction(s) in any quantity and so on and so on.

I was wondering if there is anything similar in Maya? I tried searching help and online forums and stuff, but it looks like that function isn’t called the same thing in maya…so it’s been a bit difficult to find any relevant results.

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EDIT: I replied and didn’t see that you had gotten it. Oh well, the info is here if anyone needs it in the future… stupid me!

It isn’t quite as easy as an array, but the duplicate tool has many good options tucked away in its option box.

It may take a little measuring, but duplicate your object once, and place it where the LAST object in the row is going to be. I assume your original object will be the first in line. If these are 10 units apart, then select your original, go into duplicate’s option box, enter a distance of 10 in the appropriate axis, and duplicate 9 times. That should get you one row (with a duplicate on the end that you’ll either need to delete or not create in the first place – it’s just a guide). Then you can do the same to duplicate that row.

Also check out duplicate with transform, which offers a different approach.


also try the duplicate with transform: do a normal dupicate of your object…transform it the way you want…and without doing anything else use Duplicate with transform (shift+d) great for creating steps and stairs…although you cannot create circular patterns in this way.


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